Dipping My Toes in Sustainable Fashion

September 9, 2017

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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion has become a trend with an objective to tackle issues of human impact on the environment and taking on the social responsibility for a cleaner planet. With this trend becoming the mainstream more and more people are ditching the philosophy of “fast” fashion. Sustainable fashion is approached in many ways. Although the production is slower this ensures the quality of the item. Giving us more options for one of a kind pieces. This is a fast-growing industry with many companies willing to pay their part to make a difference.

Taking action now is important more than ever to make your difference. Do your research, find out where you are putting your money. Your voice is heard with every dollar you spend, it is a vote for that company to continue to produce what you buy. Stay conscious with the background of the companies you choose to invest in. Do they recycle? Do they use toxic ingredients? How is this item produced? Is it fair trade? The environment and human rights are our responsibility, take care of these issues by purchasing wisely.

Sustainable Shoes

We live in a world of options. My newly found favorite is Veja. A luxe tennis shoe brand with beautifully crafted leather in all kinds of on-trend colors.

My first purchase in the sustainable fashion realm and now I am hooked. These metallic silver tennis shoes are a wardrobe staple that allows you to spice up any outfit with sheer glam, sophistication, and comfort. Veja shoes can be worn with dresses or jeans, there is no limit on outfit options with these statement shoes.

These shoes have it all, including a remarkable story that will shake up the ugly sweatshop method of creating sneakers. The process Veja uses to build their shoes is an art. Plus you will feel like an artist capable of anything when wearing these shoes. The canvas starts with organic & fairly traded cotton, with soles made of fairly traded rubber, and technological fabric made of recycled plastic bottles that are produced in high standard factories in Brazil. I encourage you to read their story on their website and follow in their footsteps into the land of sustainable fashion.

Demand Transparency

There needs to be more transparency of the manufacturing process. These companies listed below go into great detail about their process and their dedication to growing as a more sustainable fashion company. Nothing is perfect and these companies will improve their process with time. It is important that they are making an effort to change how they make clothes. Action to change speaks louder than the companies who promote sustainability with no evidence to back it up. The eco-friendly process is used as a marketing tool to get people to buy things. You must always do your research to make sure the companies claims are honest.

Other Sustainable Brands that don’t compromise style and come with a high standard of recommendation from me include Amour Vert, Reformation, Everlane,& Maiyet.

Shop the look:

Silver Shoes: here Top: similar here and here Denim Skirt: similar here Bag: here Glasses: here

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