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Affordable Parisian Style

September 25, 2017



Parisian Influences

I can only describe my idea of Parisian style from what I have seen in old movies. When I think Parisian, I think Audrey Hepburn. When it comes to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic style I drool. My eyes follow every movement and every detail of what that woman wears on screen.  Like many women, I have always looked up to her as a key fashion icon. Her wardrobe was always impeccably put together with custom designed, high-quality, fabrics.

I have also noticed the Parisian style influence in my all-time favorite show Gilmore Girls. Those two quirky ladies have Parisian flare added to their wardrobe, and their influence seems to stem from their obsession with classic movies too. These two confident women create a style all their own, that is both timeless and classic. I often see them dressed up in a wrapped dress and trench coat, that is always unique and tailored perfectly. That is what makes me think of Paris.

What is Parisian Style

What stands out the most for me with the Parisian style is the couture culture that is Paris. I have also noticed that Europeans celebrate the craftsmanship of creating a piece of clothing. I have read about unique practices passed down through generations for centuries. For example, the practice of creating fine leather that you can only find in one shop. This makes buying a piece of clothing at a local European shop, even more, one of kind. This kind of passion and dedication is even more of a rare find here in the United States, it would be like finding a unicorn.

As you can see shopping for elegant clothing that is made with care and doesn’t cost a fortune can be quite a task. The couture brands that are easily accessible all over the world always create works of art that anyone can buy if they have the black card for it. But how do you build a Parisian style with handmade clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Affordable Parisian Brand

The answer is Sezane, my newest obsession. The founder Morgane Sezalory has made classic Parisian style both affordable and accessible. This brand drops four different collections each year with added limited release capsule collections. The first French online store that made ordering unique designs from the finest European workshops accessible with only a few clicks. Their obsession is to provide the perfect cuts and the most luxurious fabrics online.

When you buy your first piece from Sezane you will be bonded to the brand for life. Anyone can find a piece to add to their wardrobe, the pieces are always versatile and the designs are often created in multiple colors and fabrics. Easily find the perfect staple piece that you have been searching for.

Morgane shares her story in an interview with Atelier Doré. She talks about how she has gained a great deal of influence from studying vintage clothing. Her designs are meant to be effortless with the consciousness of what makes women feel good, which is always “perfect cut and great fabric.” Read the full interview here. 

The shoes are from the fall collection currently available now in limited sizes at Sezane. The rest of the outfit is old you can find a similar red trench coat here, pleated blue skirt here, similar shoes here, and blue shirt here

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