Pretty in Pink

October 5, 2017


The Pink Trend

Pretty in Pink is a style I decided I wanted to try again. I may be a girly girl but I normally stay away from bright shades of pink. It’s one of those colors I never thought looked good with my red hair. But if Molly Ringwald can pull it off then I can too. I always draw fashion inspiration from her girly pink 80’s style. Maybe I will have to consider dressing up as Andy from Pretty in Pink for Halloween…

Pink has been a trend I have been noticing more and more. I feel like the color says that you’re not afraid to be a confident woman. Wearing bright colors says your not afraid to be bold. It stands out. I am looking forward to adding more pink to my wardrobe in all shades.

I managed to buy this beautiful dress during the ShopBop sale before it sold out. Luckily the dress is back in stock now! I love the delicate pink pearl details, the plunging neckline, the bow tie sleeves, and the tie neck scarf. I have been drawn to any piece with a tied neck scarf. It is a sophisticated, old fashion trend that is my go-to style this year.

Pink for Fall

This shade of pink is perfect for fall too. Many may not consider pink a fall color but I have noticed it in the changing leaves and dahlia flowers. Like the photos on my Instagram of the leaves changing to a bright autumn pink right before they warm to a bright red color. Such a naturally beautiful color.  You can find all of my favorite pink dresses and other accessories at the top of the page!

Let me know if you decide to add a little pink to your wardrobe! I know a lot of women are afraid of bright colors, but it is nice to change things up sometimes. Go with something different that may be a little uncomfortable at first.

Be daring, lovelies 💕


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