A Plaid Hat the European Way

October 10, 2017



A Good Quality Hat

A plaid hat adds a lot of character to an ensemble. Goorin Bros at Larimer Square is my favorite place to try on new hats. It is an old-fashioned hat shop that has been around since 1825. With hundreds of years of creating hats, you can tell that the company has mastered their craft. I love walking into a shop that specializes in one product, with the focus on one area you know you are getting the best of the best.

Plaid the European Way

I have bought several hats from this shop. They always have the styles that are trending, but they also have unique styles, fabrics, and colors. I would go broke if I bought every hat I fell in love with at that shop. I immediately fell in love with this plaid newsboy cap that reminds me of Ireland and Scotland. The warm colors were made for my complexion with the dark blue and auburn colored plaid. Plaid is always such a big trend for fall its cool to try an unexpecting piece that not many would be daring enough to buy. But adding a touch of plaid to spice up your fall and winter coats is a nice way to catch some attention.

Goorin Bros Denver

The location of this shop is just perfect too. Located on the historic street at Larimar Square. The old architecture, European style cafes, and the old-fashioned hat shop feel like a walk through time. I love finding hidden places that carry so much history in the surrounding walls. We took photos in this hidden European style courtyard. A romantic spot to eat dinner under the skyscrapers and stars. I pretended I was in the bustling city of Dublin or Galway. I love being able to style an outfit that has so much meaning behind it. The plaid hat and green suede jacket choice were greatly inspired by my Irish heritage.  I can’t wait to actually get the chance to go to Ireland one day…

Shop the Goorin Bros hat here. 

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