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Lorelai Gilmore Jacket

November 2, 2017


Lorelai Gilmore has been an inspirational influence on my wardrobe and lifestyle. She has been a huge role model for me ever since I started binge-watching Gilmore Girls in high school. This habit has not stopped. I have watched the episodes too many times to count. I still find the comfort of the show as good background noise when I am doing busy work or waking up in the morning or if I need a comfortable spot to come home to after a long day.

Lorelai is a quirky, stubborn character that is not afraid to take charge of what she wants. She is always dressed sophisticated on her days at work in wrap dresses or pencil skirts. On her days off she is comfortable and colorful. Living in Connecticut she is always bundled up in all kinds of sweaters, scarves, hats and winter coats. I am still looking for the perfect pink trench coat just like what Lorelai wears starting in season 4. Then there is the Friday night dinner attire, giving them the opportunity to dress up every week to have dinner with the parents. I wish I had a destination and excuse to get all dolled up every week. I am always looking for an excuse to throw on my best dress and heels.

This jacket is inspiration from the first episodes. The soft sherpa lined corduroy is a trend that has come back from the 90’s and I have never been so cozy. As soon as I saw this beautiful red brick color I snagged it. It is exactly like Lorelai’s plus I have been obsessed with all things red this season. A staple color for fall.

This post is an introduction of my obsession for the Gilmore Girls. I plan on sharing a lot more content on this subject because the show is a large makeup of who I am. I know it is funny to identify with a TV show but there will never be a better show out there. Not even Game of Thrones… I know, crazy, but I cant watch Game of Thrones on repeat like I can with Gilmore Girls. Stay tuned for more Gilmore Girls inspired style and all of the life lessons I have gained from the two wacky ladies and all the other whimsical characters of Stars Hollow.

Thanks for reading! 🤓

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