Colorado Mountain Style

November 14, 2017

Colorado Style

Colorado Mountain Style is a unique style that is hard to go unnoticed. Most Coloradans are into the athleisure trend. In town at the grocery store or wandering around for the weekend everyone is dressed casually. Colorado is known for being a very active state. All the activities from snowboarding, skiing, hiking, biking, running, camping, etc,  give Coloradans thousands of excuses to dress casually every day. The malls in Colorado are predominately made up of name brand outdoor clothing stores. One of the favorites for everyone who lives here is REI. The most noticeable brands on the streets are Patagonia and The North Face. Your officially accepted as a Coloradan if you own a well known branded winter jacket.

The Beanie

Another trend that will never end is the beanie. Even in the summertime, there will be a few dudes sweating in a beanie. But once the air starts to get crisp you can’t leave the house without a proper beanie. Staying bundled in winter with the right gear is essential for making it through winter. It is necessary to be prepared for any weather condition, the weather in Colorado is known for being Bi-polar. It can go from a blizzard to a warm sunshiny day within 24 hours.

Pullover Sweaters

This old-school designed pullover sweater from Madewell was made for the Rocky Mountains. There hasn’t been much snowfall yet but the air is crisp, especially when the wind starts to pick up. The sweater has been keeping me warm wandering the streets of Breckenridge. This look would be perfect for a casual Thanksgiving dinner or Friendsgiving too.

Winter Footwear

The Hunter boots are perfect all-weather footwear. I know they are made for rainy England but I cannot be without these shoes when I am exploring the outdoor wonderland of Colorado. This outfit is a natural casual Coloradan outfit. I typically only wear Colorado approved wardrobe during outdoor activities. Most of the time I choose to wear a dress to throw everyone off. Dressing up is the most comfortable style for me, so I will forever be sticking out in my hometown state.

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