The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

November 23, 2017



The Gift Guide for the Snow Bunnies

The ultimate Christmas gift guides start with the ladies. Every girl I know in Colorado is always looking for a fresh set of winter accessories. Receiving a new hat, scarf, or set of gloves is always appreciated and is one of the easiest things to pick up in store. There are zillions of options when it comes to winter attire. If you are looking for more of an investment piece that will last a few winter seasons I would go for some all-weather Hunter boots or a warm North Face jacket. The Hunter boots are a lightweight boot that can be worn in all weather conditions and is easy to walk or hike in when exploring a new place. A must-have for everyone. When it comes to the harsh winter and mountain trips in Colorado it is nice to have a long puffer coat. The North Face, Patagonia, and Marmot make some the coziest coats I have ever seen. If you have the budget for this gift it will be a dream come true for any gift receiver.

Gift Guide for the Coffee Addict

Most of us are coffee addicts, for me, the addiction runs deep. My luxury gift pick this year is the Breville espresso machine. I would never leave the house if I had the ability to make my own craft cappuccinos and espresso shots. That thing has been on my list for years, and one day I will have to get it… A more practical gift for the coffee lover is a coffee mug.  Anthropologie always has the best ceramic coffee mugs. But if you are looking for a thermos that will save on coffee cup usage at your local Starbucks and will keep your coffee warm all day the little Hydro Flask is the way to go. Or use the larger one to keep your favorite creamer cold so you can drink endless amounts of coffee on the go.  My next pick is the Aerolatte, I know this is the most basic thing to have but it was my favorite gift I received last year. Get the frothy bubbles in your morning joe with this simple gadget and no need for the shiny espresso machine anymore!

Gift Guide for the Traveler

Every girl loves to travel in style. My list of goodies is sure to prepare her for a long distance trip. Having a new set of suitcases in a shiny metallic rose-gold color is the way to go for any girl. Or help her keep track of things she wants to do most in life with the little bucket list notebook from Anthropologie would be the perfect way to keep track and accomplish big goals. Inspire a new trip with a travel book like Drives of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Even a new backpack or passport holder is always a necessity for any traveler. The biggest thing I cannot live without when spending all my time in an airport is a portable charger. Have that baby ready to go then you no longer have to search for the only plug in the terminal that probably has a line of people by the time you find it. But the holy grail on this list and my top pick is the portable steamer, an inexpensive gift that will be most useful when pulling you’re crumpled up clothes out of your suitcase.

Gift Guide for the Homebody

We all have our moments of wanting to sit at home on a Saturday night and do absolutely nothing. This is most nights for me. Amplify a night in with a relaxing gift basket full of goodies. I always love creating my own gift baskets for people. I start with a more expensive item and then build the rest of the basket with more budget-friendly things. The Homebody always needs a new set of comfy PJs or sweatpants. Splendid always has the softest materials and I am obsessed with the gray leopard print joggers they have right now. A relaxing gift set cannot be complete without candles, bubble bath soaps, and face masks. Anthropologie is my favorite place for candles they always have unique scents with the strength to fill the house, my favorite pick is the freshly baked bread candle or the gimme coffee candle. Another place that makes great candles is Magnolia Market, I burn my fall candle from here every night. You can now find Chip and Joanna’s great taste in candles at Target with their Hearth and Home collection. I like to burn my candle when I watch Fixer Upper, a perfect way to celebrate a night in. If all these ideas don’t work a nice bottle of wine could also do the trick.


Gift Guide for the Fitness Girl

It is always a nice gesture to help a girl out with her athleisure game. There are so many trendy workout pieces I always could use a new outfit to sport at the gym, or just walking around town on the weekends. Becuase sometimes we like to look like we just came from the gym when really we just want to be comfortable. A gift that I am asking for when Christmas comes around is new running shoes. The bottoms of workout shoes always get worn down so fast, this is always the perfect gift for the athlete on your list. My favorite brand of running shoes is APL they have the most comfortable footbed and are super bouncy when I am going on a run.

Gift Guide for Guys

Men are so hard to shop for because they are so low maintenance and don’t need as much crud as women do. Basically, the thing that they asked for in previous years that has been warned out or lost is the perfect place to start with for a gift for the guy in your life. For example, my boyfriend is always asking for new shoes, whether it be running shoes or snow boots. He also recently lost his beanie so I know the Patagonia one listed above would be the perfect gift to keep him cozy when winter hits. Any man loves a fresh razer set too, a reasonable gift for the budgeted Christmas. Or if your looking for something more extravagant any nifty gadget from Apple will do. I love shopping for guys in the clothing department too. There are so many ways to dress your man up with this gift guide but you can easily buy any of these gifts for your dad, brother, uncle, or any significant guy in your life. Go ahead and go crazy.

Gifts for Anyone

This is a list that is practical for anyone and everything is just under $100! YAY CHRISTMAS! Find a gift for your co-workers or neighbors here. These gifts are thoughtful and easy with no need to hit the gift card mall. All of these items are great if you’re looking for something with a lower price tag. I love buying simple gifts for friends like a candle, bottle of wine or Christmas ornament. I don’t have much time to DIY a gift so finding the simple things is always what I am searching for. If you are looking for ideas that are on the higher end try a decorative plant in a cool hanging vase. Or for the master chef, a new pineapple cutting board or stockpot might do the trick. Try giving something extra fun like the fondue pot. Whatever you need is right here in my Ultimate Gift Guide.


Stocking Stuffers

Dear mom, here is my stocking wish list. Love your Daughter. Jk. But I do personally love every little gift here. Makeup and beauty necessities are a must when stocking stuffing. Try grabbing a natural beauty brand like my favorite RMS Beauty for an extra thoughtful touch. Then load the rest of the stocking with face masks, chapstick, a toothbrush, lipstick, and chocolate and your good to go.


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