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4 Ways to Dress Up For the Holidays

December 3, 2017


4 Ways to Dress Up For the Holidays.
If my closet was full of dresses I would wear one every day, no matter the occasion. The holidays are the perfect excuse to get dolled up in all your fancy attire. Typically there are more occasions that call for a fancy outfit this time of year. With Christmas parties, December date nights, college graduations, nights out with friends, and more. It’s nice to get dressed up for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve even if you’re not going anywhere. Christmas is a time for celebrating, so get festive and put your best dress on.
With this post, I have four outfits to share for any holiday occasion. Two dressy outfits and two outfits that are a more casual way to get dressed up for all the holiday gatherings.

Outfit 1

This midi white dress from Genuine People is the perfect holiday dress. I’m calling this outfit the Parisian Mrs. Clause. Berets are always a fashionable way to spice up a winter outfit. This bright red one was a no-brainer choice to spruce up this dress and it really makes the outfit pop. The midi length and flared pleats add a timeless feminine touch. And the off the shoulder sleeves add an eye-catching interest. The subtle hints of red stitching give the dress a holiday vibe that I played up with a deep red colored trench coat.
If you are looking for a dress to wear this season take a look at the list I have made above. There are options in every price range and every color.



Outfit 2

I am so glad that I bought this denim skirt because I could wear it every day. It is so comfortable and goes with everything. It is such a nice change from wearing jeans all the time. I feel dressed up, confident, and girly with this outfit and the cashmere sweater with the bows make the outfit festive for the holidays. I added the red purse because it goes with anything and is the perfect pop of color this time of year.
Find all of my favorite denim skirts and sweater combinations listed above.


Outfit 3

Plaid skirts are especially in season this time of year. I made the outfit extra festive by adding a shimmery oversized scarf to the look. This casual Christmas look can be worn doing all of your Christmas errands and shopping or it can be worn on Christmas day while you’re gathered with family and friends. Skirts are a great option to dress up but not feel overdressed.
Find all of my casual and festive, skirts, sweaters, scarves, and over the knee boot selections in the list above.


Outfit 4

A red dress is a must for Christmas. Every woman can pull off a red dress and a little red lipstick. It is a classic and elegant look that can never go wrong. If you wear any of the dresses listed above be prepared to be showered with compliments all night long. A red dress never goes unnoticed. The white coat adds a winter wonderland element to the outfit and is a perfect match for a red dress. This outfit is my go-to look for Christmas parties.


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