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The Everlane Basic White Tee

January 8, 2018
Everlane white tee


The Everlane basic white tee is bringing classic back. Everlane is a brand that knows what they are doing when it comes to the word simple. Their branding and designs perfectly come together as a refreshing clothing company that is changing the way people buy clothes with one simple yet classic design at a time. This brand makes it easy to build a foundation of simple pieces that can be thrown on with anything. Perfecting the basics we need for everyday wear and the basics that keep an outfit timeless and classic.

Like the everyday white tee, or a day heel that is easy to walk in, or the perfect puffer that is everything you are looking for in a winter jacket at an affordable price.  Both men and women can find something that their closet is lacking at this online store.

Everlane for All Your Basic Needs

A fresh plain white tee is always a necessity. I have been holding on to limp, lifeless tees with stains on them for a long time. It was time to go back to the basics. I am a girl who loves her white tops but I am also a messy girl who manages to stain new clothing all the freaking time. But now I have my trusty friend Everlane for whenever I need a new and affordable tee that won’t disappoint.

Everlane isn’t only good for the never failing basic tee, they have tons of must-have items that can be worn for any given situation.  For example, if you want to look dressy and sophisticated for a job interview or a business trip there’s the Everlane Day Heel in every color imaginable. Add a pop of pink for the girly girl, or black for the clean always put together girl, or yellow for the bright free spirit, basically there is a color for everyone.

Then there is their sweater that makes cashmere dreams come true. Nothing is more trusty to wear on a cold airplane while jetting off to another exciting destination. The luxuriously fine sourced cashmere crew or cropped mock neck styles are a steal at $100. Then there’s the men’s line. Fulfilling every man’s dream who likes keeping looking good plain and simple. The clothing that is the flavor of vanilla with the added punch of perfection that gives any outfit an understated, casual, yet cool vibe.


Quality and Affordability

Everlane is the real deal when it comes to quality and affordability. They strive on being transparent with the entire process of creating a full line of clothing. Starting with choosing ethical working factories and quality materials. They share the cost of what you are buying. And show how their reasonable price is only bumped up 2-3x more. Compared to other retailers who will bump up similar fine made goods 5-6x more for profit. They are as they say “radically transparent”, you can ask them anything you want on “Transparency Tuesdays” on their Instagram stories and see why they are an easy company to trust and invest in.

I have a few other pieces from this company that I will be sharing in future posts. I will show you how I style my basics for multiple everyday looks that are easy to pull off.

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