2018 Travel Bucket List

January 26, 2018

With the new year here already I have been dreaming up all kinds of travel goals that I plan to cross off my travel bucket list this year. I really want to focus more time and money on doing more traveling this year. The main reason I started blogging in the first place was to share my travel experiences. I have come to realize that traveling is the one thing that makes me most happy. It is a subject I could talk about for hours and I am not much of a talker. If someone mentions a recent trip they were on or brings up their plans for their upcoming vacation I always want to hear every detail.

The best part about traveling is the sense of adventure. Running off to a foreign land that you have never been to, the excitement gets overwhelming with the urge to see everything at once. It is good to dream up big long term goals but it is also important to be realistic for the short-term goals. Make sure to set short-term travel goals that are easily obtainable. The bigger goals should still be envisioned but strategically planned out. It is the worst feeling having a goal that keeps getting pushed back because of lack of planning.


2018 Dream Destinations

These destinations I have never been to before. It would be exciting to go to all of these new places in one year. If I am able to pull this off my world would be filled with happiness from all these wonderful new experiences.

Maui, HI 

Maui is one of the Hawaiian Islands that I have never been to. I am planning to stay here for a week in May. At this rate, I have been to Hawaii so many times, and it never gets old. I plan to make a stop in Hawaii every year for the rest of my life. I hope to gradually pro-long my stays over the years too. A week vacation is nowhere near enough time to experience everything these islands have to offer. In the next few years, I want to dedicate an entire year or longer volunteering through the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms). This program is the perfect set up to get your hands dirty and learn about organic farming on the islands. This is a long-term goal that I plan to see through over the next few years.

San Francisco, CA

I have been dying to see San Francisco. It feels like one of those hip towns with so much life lighting up the city. San Fran just seems like my kind of city. Sonoma or Napa is also on my bucket list. I would love to take a short trip here over the summer do day trips to the local wineries. If I can make it an even longer trip I would love to drive down to Carmel too. I will be looking for flights over the next few months so hopefully, I can find some good deals.

Palisade, CO

Last year I was trying to plan a last minute train ride to see Palisade and Grand Junction. During fall when the leaves were changing but it fell through because it was so last minute. This year I am going to start booking this trip early enough to grab the best seat on the train and the best Airbnb I can find. Fall is the best time of year to ride through the Rocky Mountains. When you get all the way up to Palisade you can enjoy festive activities at the wineries, peach farms, and the local fall festivals. It would be such a magical way to celebrate the beautiful fall season.


My family has been pushing back the plans for this trip for a while now but this year we are making this dream a reality. We plan to visit Ireland in October or November. I hope to stay in Dublin, Ireland for a week, and maybe for an additional week in Galway. I am going to have to start doing my research to see what is possible because I would love to see a town in every direction if I can. I don’t plan on going to any other European country when I visit Ireland because there is so much to see in this massive country. But if I somehow do have extra time and money I would love to stop in Reykjavik.


When I was looking at flights to Ireland I wanted to see how much it would cost to stop in another country. To fly through Reykjavik wouldn’t cost anything extra and would be such a magical and unexpected stop to see this year. I really hope this dream works out.


What are your travel plans for 2018? Make sure to plan on going somewhere new as much as possible. Even if you can only make it work for one trip a year. There is always so much to explore that is only a short drive away too. If you’re on a tight budget do some saving and plan a long weekend somewhere close to where you live. After living in Colorado for most of my life I still haven’t come close to seeing everything there is to see. It is important to make traveling to new places a priority because you can learn so much about yourself and the world when you are put outside your comfort zone. If you ever need help planning a vacation I am here to help. I love planning and will help you budget a trip that is right for you! Also if you have any suggestions on where to go for my travel plans this year please share in the comments!!

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