Son de Flor Dress

February 20, 2018
Son de Flor dress


This Son de Flor dress has me dressed and ready for spring. Spring is the best time to pull the playful dresses out of your wardrobe. Dresses are made for the breezy spring weather. They are the perfect thing to throw on when your feeling playful, flirty and confident. I feel bad that men can’t experience the liberating feeling of wearing a dress on a beautiful sunny day.

A Lithuanian Shop

I was so excited when I discovered this obscure dress shop out of Lithuania called Son de Flor. Their dresses are made out of white linen. The perfect material for warm spring days. It is so lightweight and breathable. Linen is the only thing I want to wear when the weather is warm. The Son de Flor linen is a natural material made with care in every little detail. Son De Flor is made in one of the oldest factories in Lithuania. The dresses are produced ethically and responsibly.

A Perfect Spring Day in Son de Flor

And lucky for me, I had a little taste of spring weather over the weekend when temperatures hit 70F in February. This perfect unexpected weather only lasted the one day as the snow blew in the very next day. But it was nice to taste springs arrival. I took full advantage of the day walking around my favorite parts of the city and stopping by Cheesman Park. A must see secret destination if you are ever visiting the Denver area.


Hard to Find Modest Design

The thing that makes this dress extremely unique is the silhouette and the length. The long vintage style is hard to find nowadays, especially in the United States. Every other dress store in America is selling way more revealing dresses. Whenever I find a nice looking dress with a long length it always has a few slits that completely expose your legs and are impossible to control. Most of the time I have to go to a tailor to sew the dress back up. It gets pretty frustrating.

I have been struggling for a long time to find a modest length dress with some vintage flair and a full skirt. As I was searching I would find many beautiful couture and designer dresses that were exactly what I was looking for but they were always several hundred or thousands of dollars.

The Dress That Expresses Everything Special That is Me

Son de Flor has made me fall in love with dresses even more. I wish I could buy one in every color. The classic short sleeve Son de Flor dress I am wearing comes in 11 colors. The best part about this design is the adorable peter pan collar. A playful detail that I absolutely love.

Son de Flor is everything I have been dreaming of when it comes to my perfect dress. The style is romantic, elegant, charming and demure. It is the style that perfectly expresses my personality and makes me feel special and unique. Son de Flor goes above and beyond with putting personal touches into every detail of the dress. I found a romantic secret scroll in the pocket that had an inspirational poem inside. And there were sweet words written on the tags inside the dress.

This is a dress I can cherish forever, a classic piece in my wardrobe that I could never get rid of. It is that special to me. I hope Son de Flor reads this because I am just so grateful for their beautiful work.

  1. Hi! I am looking to buy a Son de Flor dress in white, but am worried about it being too thin and see through! Do you wear a slip underneath the dress?

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