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Arnhem Clothing: Earth Friendly Fashion

March 3, 2018
Arnhem Clothing


Arnhem clothing is a leading brand in the sustainable fashion movement. I have been shopping online with this brand for a few years and they have been stepping up more and more with their drastic changes that reduce their environmental impact.

Gotta Love Byron

Arnhem is a brand based out of Byron Bay. If you cant tell yet Byron Bay is one of my favorite places on Earth. I talk a lot about this amazing beach town on my blog. Arnhem clothing is made for adventures in the sun with the ocean in view, with their shop just steps away from the ocean. The collections that they release are always beautiful and they are known to be the place for the best bohemian and floral prints. This skirt and shirt I am wearing from the Melody collection is an Arnhem sustainable design made with 100% organic cotton.


Organic Cotton

You may be wondering why organic clothing makes a difference? You’re not eating it after all. Conventionally grown cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world. It is extremely harmful to the producers, wildlife, and the surrounding eco-system. Choosing organic cotton is not only beneficial for you but everyone involved in its production. The process also uses less water and energy than conventional cotton farms. Buying organic cotton is a vote to change how the crop is grown. If we consciously pay attention to the materials we use by choosing products that are reusable and organic we could create a huge impact on this planet.

Other Sustainable Materials

Arnhem has responsibly sourced many other sustainable materials for all of the artfully designed collections.  Arnhem uses Tencel for their Azalea collection. Tencel is a renewable and compostable material made out of raw wood pulp. The production of this natural material is eco-friendly, and 100% of the leftover solvent for cleaning products.  The material is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and lighter weight than linen. Making it the perfect summertime or anytime raw material.

Another material Arnhem uses is Viscose by Lenzing AG. Viscose is used for most of the pieces in the new Primrose collection.  Using this material from this source is low impact on the environment. The chemical waste product is recycled or sold and never discarded into the environment.

Then there is Econyl Nylon a regenerated material made out of consumer waste such as plastic, fishing net, and fabric scraps. This material was designed so there was less plastic left to wreak havoc in the ocean or in a landfill for years. This material is used to make the gorgeous Arnhem swimsuit collections. This fabric has proven to be stronger than typical swimwear materials and it holds up better to chlorine and sunscreens.

Then there is the tried and true natural material that has been used for over 10,000 years, hemp. Hemp is durable and resistant to UV light and mold. The plant can easily be grown with little or no pesticides, and since the material is 100% natural it is also compostable.  Arnhem uses hemp bags to pack garments and for gift bags with a purchase at their store.

Sustainable and natural linen is used for Arnhem’s Remy collection. Linen is made from the flax plant which can be grown on marginal, unused land that cannot be used for food crops. The plant requires no pesticides and often times very little fertilizer. Linen is my favorite material for warm days. Garments made of linen are durable and built to last for generations.





“We must get together to make meaningful changes and minimize our impact on this planet. I believe in a future full of beauty for my children and future generations.” – Arnhem Bickley

When Arnhem has leftover material from their designs they use whatever is leftover to create kids clothes, creating less waste in the design process. Then they go a step above again with all of their packing material made out of 100% recyclable material. The packaging, labeling, tissue paper, and price tags, all recyclable. They are also certified FSC materials meaning the materials support the health of forests by making sure that the supply chain is responsibly managed within the guidelines of environmental, social, and economic considerations. Making sure that all work and indigenous human rights are cared for.

When you think Arnhem has thought of everything they go even further with compostable bags that replace the plastic bags used when shipping packages. I have never seen this much detail go into a sustainable fashion company. You can tell that Arnhem really cares about changing how wasteful their industry is and I hope to see every single clothing brand take action to follow in their footsteps. As soon as I see this much care for the planet in the culture of any type of company I will be a forever customer. Bravo Arnhem.

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