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Colorful Spring Wardrobe Essentials

March 6, 2018
Sea blue skirt

The Feminine Season

The spring wardrobe has a lot of key elements and it is the perfect time of year to express your feminine side. The colorful, bold, floral, and the easy breezy spring pieces are always what I am going for. When spring flowers start to bloom and the leaves start to bud the world turns from a grey-brown brown to a colorful, bright and happy surrounding. I feel so much joy being outside with the sun in my hair sitting in the warm grass or walking under the blooming cherry blossoms and magnolia trees.

Add Some Color

When the world is colorful I want to express that color through my clothes. I pack up all the dreary dark winter colors and bring out whites, pastels, bright pinks, yellows, purples, and blues. I naturally gravitate to a lot of blue pieces so I will be shopping for more variation this season. But I could not pass up this beautiful bright blue Sea New York skirt that was on major discount.

The Outfit Made for Traveling

There is something about this outfit with the eyelet lace skirt that is as blue as the ocean and the white puffed sleeve off the shoulder top that is so romantic and adventurous. It is a playful outfit that I can picture wearing when exploring a new city. I picture myself exploring the Mediterranean, walking down the streets of Santorini with the ocean in the background, sitting down in a cafe with a nice view for a cappuccino and pastry. Or even in tropical towns in the Caribbean, like Trinidad, Cuba where the historic building are painted in an assortment of bright colors. I get such a strong imagination of places and things to see, inspiring myself to do some more international traveling. The way I see it, traveling cannot be done properly without the appropriate wardrobe that matches your destination.


More to Come

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing spring pieces that are essential for the spring wardrobe. There is so much to share!  Follow along so you can build your spring capsule wardrobe for all your travels and adventures this season.

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