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Spring Ruffle Jumpsuit

March 7, 2018
Posse jumpsuit


Another Spring Essential

This spring jumpsuit is the comfiest way to get dressed up while wearing pants. Having a few jumpsuits to pull out for the spring weather is essential. If your a girly girl that doesn’t like dresses than jumpsuits are a great alternative. You only have to worry about one piece of clothing and then you have a whole outfit. They are an easy and stylish piece to throw on when traveling too. Especially when going to the beach or wandering around a farmers market on a warm spring day.

You Need More Than One

I like having several variations of styles that I can pull out and play up with different accessories. I think it is crucial to have a few jumpsuits in different colors, fabrics, and prints. This Posse jumpsuit is a casual piece made of the prettiest cotton material. The light baby blue is a perfect pastel color for spring or an Easter celebration. The details on this jumpsuit make it ultra girly and fun, with the ruffle sleeves and bow tie in the back. The low back makes it appropriate for warm days, but the great thing about jumpsuits is they are easy to style with layers. Just throwing on a white tee shirt or long sleeve shirt can make it more comfortable and weather appropriate.

Posse Jumpsuit Designs

This ruffle jumpsuit comes in a few other amazing colors. White, black, and Mustard. And there is another design without the ruffles that comes in a gorgeous rose and lemon color. Just so you are warned when you start shopping on this website you will want to buy everything. There are so many simple, and elegant pieces that are perfect for any tropical and warm destination.

Are you craving spring even more now?? I am going spring crazy right now. I will keep building a list of spring wardrobe essentials to help you build a spring capsule. Stay tuned for spring inspiration including amazing spring outfits and spring accessories!

As always thanks for reading! 🌼💛🌼

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