The Hawaii Packing Checklist

March 23, 2018

My next trip is a little more than one month away and it is all I can think about. I am finally going back to Hawaii to see for the very first time, the island that is Maui. I am already well ahead of planning every single thing I want to pack out of sheer excitement. I decided I would share everything I am bringing with me and I have created a Hawaii packing checklist that you can use to stay organized for your next trip to the islands. All you have to do is subscribe to my emails with the entry on the side of this post and I will send over the checklist right away!


  1. Sandals

I like to pack a variety of sandals because it is practically all I wear wandering around the beach towns in Hawaii. I bring slides that I can quickly throw on when running to the beach. And I also like to pack another fancier pair, like a wedge espadrille that I can wear with dresses for going out to dinner.

    2. Beach bag, Small Bag, Back Pack

Tropical vacations are the perfect spot for all of your straw bags. I recently bought the perfect straw backpack that I can use to carry everything I need for the beach. It is also the perfect bag for all of the tropical farmer’s markets that I plan to visit every day I am in Hawaii. I also pack a small purse, like a circle straw bag for outings like shopping or grabbing a bite. Having a small purse is nice to have when you don’t have to carry a lot with you. A small backpack, preferably one you can roll up tight in your suitcase, is also nice to have for hiking, biking and all the other adventurous activities that you need to be hands-free.

    3. Hats

The tropical sun is dangerous so make sure you are keeping your delicate face protected at all times, especially on the beach. I like to bring a big straw hat that is made out of the paper material so you can easily squish it in your carry on bag. I protect the hat by packing clothes around and inside the hat so it doesn’t get too misshapen. If you want to pack more delicate hats I would suggest buying a hard case Hat Box like this CalPak one. Another hat I like to take with me for activities like hiking, running, biking, or ziplining is a baseball hat. This small hat is easy to pack and is perfect for active fun in Hawaii.

   4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an obvious MUST. I typically like to buy a new pair when summer time hits. Make sure you have a hard case to pack them in when traveling and a lens cleaning cloth that you can use to remove sand, dirt, and sunscreen smudges.

   5. Swim Suit and Cover-Up

If you are working hard to get that bikini body back in shape in time for vacation, nothing is more motivating than a cute new bikini. Make sure you have a couple of swimsuits to pack because half of your time in Hawaii will be spent in the ocean or at the lavish swimming pool at your resort. Then don’t forget to pack your tropical cover-up, a little easy to throw on dress or romper.

    6. Hiking Sandals or Sneakers

Hawaii isn’t all about leisure at the beach. There are so many adventures to be had in the tropical jungles. Hawaii has some of the best hiking that takes you to find magical waterfalls, tropical plants, lava tubes, lush valleys, and picture perfect views. Make sure you have the proper footwear. Something that you are not afraid to get dirty or that is easy to wash. A lot of hiking trails can be muddy from the rain.

   7. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for everyone and when you are snorkeling you best check your sunscreen for damaging ingredients that cause coral bleaching. Or find a bottle that has a certified reef safe sticker. We all love this activity in Hawaii so it important to keep these underwater worlds safe from toxins so that people can continue to see all of the beauty under the water’s surface.

   8. Shorts, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Tops

Tropical print everything will be in my suitcase for Hawaii. Lightweight dresses, skirts, tops, made of linen, silk, and cotton. Some denim shorts and linen pants. There are so many fun outfits that I am excited to share with my trip to Maui.

   9. Light Weight Rain Coat

Hawaii can get rainy unexpectedly. And depending on the time of year you are visiting and what side of the island you are on you could be dealing with rain your entire trip. Make sure you are prepared with a lightweight raincoat to keep you dry. Don’t let a little rain ruin your adventures.

  10. Carry-On Suitcase and Laptop Bag

When I travel I like to pack everything in a carry on bag because of the fear of getting to my destination and not having my bag follow me. Every year I travel I have to make sure that my suitcase fits the airline’s size requirements, they seem to make the bag size smaller and smaller every time I fly. Then I have a smaller laptop backpack or purse that I carry everything I need for the flight. Like headphones, a portable charger, warm socks, snacks, and a neck pillow.

   11. Athletic Adventure Wear

With all the eating out you will be doing on vacation it is always good to balance it out and burn some of those calories. Quiet mornings in sleepy Hawaii is the perfect time to get outside for a run. Make sure you pack some athletic wear for a run, gym work out and for activities like biking and hiking.

12. Light Coverage Make-Up

Light coverage bb cream with a little SPF is crucial to have in your beach bag. Something that is easy to re-apply and that provides just enough coverage to give you an even complexion while lying on the beach getting your tan on.

13. Reusable Grocery Bags

Hawaii does not have plastic bags at all and they charge you for paper bags. So don’t look like a stupid out of towner with a cart full of groceries and no bags. It is nice to be prepared with your own reusable bags but if you forget you can grab a nice Hawaii bag that you can take home and use to make everyone jealous.

15. Camera and GoPro

GoPro’s are easily the best camera to have to take a lot of action shots and videos for your home movies. You can use it underwater or mount it to your head when ziplining, or mount it to a bike when riding down a volcano. There is always an opportunity to pull out the GoPro in Hawaii. A camera is also a must for taking photos wherever you go. Traveling always requires an investment in some nice camera equipment. The iPhone camera can only do so much and you will want good quality photos to remember your trip by.


Getting excited to hop on that plane to Hawaii yet? I know I am! Maui is going to be an exciting new adventure and I can not wait to share it. If you want to print off my Hawaii packing checklist to help you stay organize make sure to subscribe to my emails with the entry on the side of this post and I will send it to you right away! Thanks for reading!

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