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Natural Tone Dress

April 17, 2018
doen dress

I am a sucker for bold floral print dresses so going for a dress that is more of a natural tone is new for me. But I gotta say I am loving the easy-going feel of this light colored natural tone dress from Dôen. I think I will be grabbing more neutral colored dresses more often.

The Dôen collection is filled with natural Earth tones in every color. Every dress they have ever designed is divine. With luxurious fabrics, vintage touches, and feminine silhouettes. It is hard to resist the urge to buy every design these women release. This company also puts in the extra effort in supporting women in the workplace too. Making it extra special to support such a thriving and creative initiative of women empowerment. I always love sharing and supporting brands like this one.


Spring is always known for colorful pastels that are fun and girly. But mixing up the trends and the outfit routine is always fun too. This earthy shade matches perfectly with the warm scenery of freshly bloomed flowers and green grass. Walking around the neighborhood to look at the fresh flowers in this lovely dress made for the perfect afternoon.

As a fashion blogger, I am always thinking about where to set the scene based on the outfit, or what outfit I need to set the scene. That way I can have my readers thinking creatively on how to style their wardrobe based on natural elements. This dress can set the scene anywhere you go. Having a trusty natural tone dress is as easy to throw on as your neutral tone shoes. Making this color a wardrobe staple.


As the weather warms up more and more I am being drawn to lighter fabrics made of cotton and linen. This cotton dress is the perfect weight for all day wear and would be the perfect day to night outfit for a summer getaway. I plan on wearing this dress out and about whenever I need a light, comfortable ensemble. Easily transitioning this piece from mild Spring days to sunny Summer days.

Style comes naturally to me and I am always here to help your fashion headaches! Leave your questions and comments below for more style advice, I always have exciting ways to get you ready for your next important event or vacation. So don’t forget to contact me for more inspiration!


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