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Inspiring Dresses: Gal Meets Glam

May 2, 2018
Cotton Dress Gal Meets Glam Collection


My style has always been inspired by classic women in feminine dresses. There is something about seeing women express their feminine side when putting on a dress that is just so different nowadays. It used to be normal to wear a dress and heels every day and now it is looked at as abnormal to go around town dressed up. That is why I appreciate seeing women in town express their feminity by wearing a day dress, it is rare. But when I do see a woman rocking a dress I look at her with admiration and respect. Putting on a dress for the day has you ready for the day both internally and externally. You look unstoppable and you feel unstoppable. The confidence boost is the biggest reason I like wearing dresses.


The vintage silhouettes with luxurious fabrics and refined details are the kinds of dresses I always feel the most comfortable and confident in. Unfortunately, vintage silhouettes are often hard to find. I always get caught on designer sights wishing I could buy the perfectly cut dress that costs several hundred or thousands of dollars. The cheap stores never have what I am looking for either. The dress trends nowadays are often very low cut with more styles exposing as much skin as possible. It has been hard to find a modest dress in my price range that has the style I’ve been searching for. A dress that was a good investment. I have always had expensive taste because I want quality that is going to last. If I am going to spend my money at all I want the outfit to be timeless in style and designed to last a lifetime.


I think I have always deep down thought I should have been born a princess. I am sure a lot of girls can relate to this feeling because that it is what we were taught by watching all of those Disney princess movies. These movies have engrained in me the constant need for something beautiful to wear. Another movie that inspired my love for feminine, retro styles was Grease. I remember wanting to watch that movie every day, it was my favorite. And as I got older I remember drawing inspiration from the classic styles that Allie wore in the Notebook. These movies and many more have been the defining elements that have built my foundation of timeless style. I have always drawn inspiration from movies and my surroundings and I will always be the girl that is inspired by lovely dresses.


Julia Engel a well-known fashion blogger and style icon has created the perfect line of dresses for all the feminine, girly, classic, and vintage gals. Her newly released Gal Meets Glam Collection is all dresses that feel like they were pulled out of my daydreams. They are quality dresses that are reasonably priced and made to last for generations. There is a dress for every occasion and even dresses simple and comfortable enough to wear during the day and into the night. This pink dress that I am wearing is from the first release of the collection and is the perfect 1950’s look that I have been dreaming about. Julia was born to make dresses and I am so excited to be able to finally fill my wardrobe with timeless dresses that I can wear with ease. Julia will always be one of my biggest blogger inspirations. Seeing her succeed with her hard work only makes me want to work harder for my BIGGEST goals. The biggest thing Julia has taught me is no more thinking small.


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