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Tropical Arnhem Jumpsuit

June 5, 2018
Tropical Arnhem Jumpsuit


Whenever I start planning my outfits for a tropical destination I always go to Arnhem first. Their clothes are the easiest to throw on no matter what you are doing. All of their clothes are effortless, comfortable, with some of the most unique patterns and designs that are the perfect fit for a beach town.

If you haven’t read my blog post about this brand’s sustainable practices yet, you have to go check it out here. In my opinion, no one else is making more of an effort to change fashion into a sustainable industry. They really think outside of the box when it comes to solving some of the toughest waste problems in the fashion industry. It is a dream of mine to someday meet the creator Arnhem Bickley to talk to her about how she conquered such a beautiful success. That way I can have a better idea of how I want to pave my journey as a sustainable fashion designer.

I bought a few pieces from Arnhem for this trip like this tropical jumpsuit. This tropical floral print and flowy design ticked all the boxes for me when it comes to the perfect jumpsuit. When you buy a jumpsuit for the summertime you don’t want it too tight or suffocating. This jumpsuit has wide legs that you can breathe easily in with a low back that lets the ocean breeze cool your bare skin. Arnhem’s designs are always made to travel in. They express so much color and culture. The earthy tones on this piece match perfectly with the tropical gardens and the crystal blues water sparkling from the golden sunshine.


These photos were taken on the first night we arrived in Maui. I instantly felt at home as I reconnected with the water at my feet and the sweet feeling of Hawaiian sunshine. We were staying at a lovely resort, The Westin Ka’anapali Beach Villas. As soon as you walk out of the resort your eyes set on this picture perfect view of a palm tree and tropical garden lined beach. We quickly took a tour around the resort pools and then settled in to be reunited with the magic of a Hawaiian sunset, setting over the water in between two other Hawaiian islands. That view, on the Ka’anapali beach, is by far my favorite spot for a sunset that I have EVER experienced on the Hawaiian islands. Simply unreal in person.

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