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June 13, 2018
travel style in Arnhem

My style can be a pretty interesting mix of vintage-inspired pieces but then I like to throw everyone off and wear boho, beachy, hippie prints, like this Arnhem dress. I normally gravitate toward dresses from eras like the 1920’s, 1950’s, and sometimes 1970’s. This Arnhem dress reminds me of the 1970’s, it feels very psychedelic to me. There really is not a decade of fashion that I don’t like. Ok, maybe 80’s fashion is little more outlandish than I like but I am sure I could find a trend from that decade that fits my taste. It is really hard to describe my style and with it being all over the place its impossible to put one label on it. My style is all my own, unique and different from everyone else’s. My style inspired by travel.


My process for picking out a piece that I like comes from what I think is cute on the streets and on the web but there is hardly ever one person that I derive all of my fashion taste from. Other peoples fashion sense that catches my eye molds and becomes my own, if I see somebody wearing what I think is cute then I have to go out and find it. This happens randomly, but it is how the fashion blogging industry is such a successful one right now, people want to buy as soon as they see something that catches their eye on an influencer.


What really catches my eye is seeing something I have never seen before. Traveling to different countries and cities gives me an overload of fashion inspiration. Like when I was visiting Australia. Every city I visited had a different way of dressing. Melbourne was the high-end fashion capital. Sydney was a touristy everyday casual and business style city. Byron Bay was the most colorful beach style and psychedelic hippie styles that were laid back and globally conscious. Ever since I experienced a few days in Byron Bay I could not get enough of the colorful prints with designs that look like they were made all over the world. Globally conscious is the best way to describe Byron Bay, conscious about health, conscious about plastic waste, conscious of what is going on in this world. All with open minds and open hearts. That is what makes those “hippie towns” so inviting to me, the way the community thinks seems so much more advanced than anywhere else. You learn new things with your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your nose because everyone is living their purpose and teaching people the important information in their chosen skill.

Fashion that derives from travel is the most interesting way to express your experiences. When you wear something that you picked up in another country and bring it back home to wear, it makes people stop and wonder what it is your wearing. It gives the mind something to be curious about and something that jumpstarts new ideas and creativity. That is why all of the fashionistas start blogs, they are driven by creativity, and that creativity comes from the sensory overload of finding inspiration from what surrounds us and with the pursuit of expanding our surroundings with new experiences.


I hope this post was interesting. I feel like I kind babbled on with my thoughts but I guess that’s what a blog is for. But I am curious what makes your style unique? There are so many of you out there that are committed to the fashion blogging industry, and I wonder what makes you pursue this often times tough industry? What does fashion mean to you? Where do you get your style? If you can comment on what you think down below. Thanks for taking the time and reading my random thoughts.

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