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Summer Gingham

June 16, 2018
Summer gingham Kate Spade


At this point, gingham seems like a trend that will stay timeless. As I said before I love seeing it done in lots of color waves and I am finding there is always a new trending gingham color for every season. Has anyone else noticed this? I follow these things obsessively because I just cannot get over gingham everything and I just try to be good at my job as a fashion blogger so I can share these things. I really get passionate about that shopping “research.”  My boyfriend thinks online shopping isn’t considered work buuuut it kind of is…

I am always finding the classic navy blue, red, and black gingham which I find are the most versatile colors that can be worn no matter what the season is. A capsule wardrobe staple that can really turn a drab wardrobe up a notch with some interesting contrast. Gingham becomes even more fun when I see designs in yellow, pink, purple, brighter blues, and greens. The colors are hard to come across so when I find a unique color I am instantly obsessed.


When I saw this Kate Spade collection come out with this multi-color gingham top it was a total impulse but I felt like I hit the gingham jackpot when I spotted it. Seriously, my eyeballs were popping out with excitement.

I have been waiting to find the perfect colorful summer gingham piece for a long time now. Kate Spade always makes the most fun, girly, quirky and unique stuff. I feel like there is always a unique piece that they design especially for every girl out there. This pastel rainbow color gingham was totally pulled out of my dreams. The Kate Spade website is a dangerous place, just don’t go on there. Ever…


Aaaaaand you got to have these white jeans too. Super girly delicate scalloped lace hem is the cutest denim design and they are SO COMFORTABLE. They wear well for traveling and are such a comfortable piece to grab on a warm summer day. The beautiful thing about wide leg pants is they breath while you can protect your skin from sun exposure. I am all about skin protection this time of year. I am waaaay to white to sit out, I crisp up like a piece of bacon in less than 15 minutes.

BTW, This print also comes in two stunning dress designs here and here… Sorry, not sorry.

Also, Kate Spade has this BEAUTIFUL bright blue gingham scarf, bright blue gingham Keds shoes, plus a gingham phone case, wallet, backpack, and more.


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