Summer Floral Print Dress

June 20, 2018
Abigail Gal Meets Glam dress


I gotta be honest and say that the winter months here in Colorado are pretty dang miserable for me. I love the snow but when it’s not snowing everything is brown and unbearably dreary. During those long months, I am praying for Spring or a long vacation to take me anywhere with cheery foliage. But as winter rolls through and flowers start to bloom my mood instantly changes. The wait pays off with the array of greenery and bright colorful flowers that start popping out of the ground.

With everyday feeling more and more like Summer, there are flowers everywhere in the city of Denver, and if your a flower freak like me you should probably be following my blog right about now because I am scavenging the city and the mountains, high and low for the best spots to find flowers and sharing them right here. I have been on a mission for months now to find the peak blooms with the lilacs, roses, peonies, and soon I will be searching for the rocky mountain wildflowers.


One of my favorite places in the city for a tour around a lush and well-kept array of flowers is at Hudson Gardens. Hudson Gardens is a great spot to check out that is free to visit and is worth seeing this time of year. I recommend bringing a book or a picnic to enjoy. It is a great place to get some peace and quiet with fresh air and a beautiful scenery. Hudson Gardens hosts a lot of events that are worth checking out like yoga, gardening, beekeeping and more. Plus they have a summer concert series that is fun to check out on a nice summer evening.

Walking through the gardens is such a lovely spot to spend an afternoon in with so much to explore if you have never been there. I can’t wait to make another stop here to see what other flowers are blooming now. Keep an eye out for more of my summer blooms finds on the blog because for the rest of the summer flowers is pretty much all I will be talking about. You have been warned!!


With the Summer flowers brightening my mood so is summer floral prints. This is another Gal Meets Glam dress that I could not pass up. The print is big, bright yellow dahlias with a white background that is such a perfect summer color pallet. The perfect dress to stroll around town when you’re feeling adventurous and girly. It would also be a great dress to wear to a summer wedding. If you have a summer wedding to go to Gal Meets Glam is the first place to look for a dress, trust me they have a glam style for every girl.


Thanks for reading!! Let me know what you think of the flowers and the dress in the comments! I hope you are enjoying all of your summer blooms where ever you are!

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