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CO Hikes: Chatauqua Park Boulder

June 29, 2018
Chautauqua Park Boulder


Adding another one to the Colorado Hikes series with one of the most popular spots in Boulder, Chautauqua Park. This hike is such a gem that is a must to check out this time of year, especially if you are just visiting from out of town, Boulder is the place to be. When I was just up there the wildflowers were starting to bloom with more to pop out anytime now so I would hurry up there quick if your visiting during the summer months.

The Flatirons are magnificent peaks to roam around when you get the chance to spend some time in Boulder. It is about an hour drive from Denver and is the perfect little day trip to take to get out of the urban jungle for some of that one of a kind Colorado summer adventures.

As I have grown up in Colorado hiking has always been my favorite outdoor activity. The element of exploring new territory while being outside cannot be topped. There is nothing like breathing in fresh mountain air with not a building in sight while conquering a mountain or a long trail. As you roam the trail there are trees, flowers, blue skies, and maybe a few mountain critters to great you.  It is the most relaxing experience walking through the wild and unknown. And there is always new terrain to explore in this state with so many trails in every corner. I love exploring somewhere new but there are a lot of trails that are my favorite that I like to visit every year.


Chautauqua has always been one of my favorite hikes. Actually, all of the hikes in Boulder are my favorite. I really want to move to this part of town one day. I’m hoping in the next few years when I can afford it. Boulder is just one of those towns that I connect with more than any other place on Earth. The mindset and culture of the people living there are so open to new things. They lead active and healthy lifestyles that are nowhere near comparable to the rest of the state. Plus they are even more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. I picture myself fitting in here more seamlessly and the positive atmosphere with this like-minded community would be an easy place to call home.

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