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Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

July 17, 2018
Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

Planning a trip around flowers is exactly what I plan to do for every vacation. I want to experience all of the wildflower meccas around the world because after visiting the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival I am addicted to the wild and untamed nature of colorful native blooms.

This was my first time visiting the hidden Colorado town, Crested Butte. It is quite a journey to get to this town, four and a half hours away from Denver, but it is one of the most scenic drives through the most beautiful mountain scenery that Colorado has to offer. It had been awhile since I have dared to adventure on a long road trip but the long drives are always worth the trip.     Especially in a Crosstrek. When you have the perfect car for mountain terrain you better be using it every chance you get. Owning a Crosstrek for commutes or drives around the neighborhood is not what that car is built for. The Crosstrek gives me the mindset that I can adventure anywhere my heart desires. That feeling of endless possibilities has me ready to go to my next adventure.

I have been planning this trip since I stumbled across photos of the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival on Instagram last summer. I knew this place was something special. And I knew it was a place that I would fall in love with at first sight. But I had no idea how incredibly breathtaking this place was in every way until I got here. There is not one complaint I have about this beautiful town, it is unlike any other place on Earth. The center of town is surrounded by gargantuan mountain peaks. When I looked at the mountains I didn’t feel like I was in Colorado anymore, it felt more like Switzerland. The scenery was so vast and so preserved in a way that made this mountain town feel more European compared to any other Colorado mountain town.


The place is touristy but not overrun like Breckenridge or Aspen. It felt quiet here. There was a little bit of development happening, it seems nowhere in Colorado is safe from that but the town was still overrun with historic buildings surrounded by open spaces for cattle to roam. We caught wind that Vail had just acquired substantial holdings in the town, the locals were concerned about the changes that may happen to this beautifully untouched haven, they don’t want to see big business move into there town and I am in full agreement with them. Moving a Louis Vuitton store, a Safeway or a Starbucks would completely ruin the charm and history that has been preserved in Crested Butte for hundreds of years. I hope that nothing changes and that the tourist continues to support the businesses in this genuine Colorado community.

Crested Butte is the destination for all of the best Colorado outdoor activities. Most come here to enjoy the winters and the slopes but have no idea what they are missing in the summertime. Wheather you travel by bike or by foot, there are endless trails to explore. There were even a few trails we explored with only a couple of other people there, on a Saturday. It felt like how Colorado used to be before millions have relocated here for the weed. There were actually peaceful moments among the trees and the flowers. I had missed being able to escape from the maddening crowds and wished I could have stayed in this happy place forever.

The Crested Butte Wildflower Festival is hosted every year in July. It is an exciting event that goes on for two weeks with many workshops hosted by expert artists, writers, chefs, scientists, holistic doctors, geologists, and other Crested Butte locals. There are many classes and hikes to participate in during this event with a little something to peak everyone interest. There is so much to learn about and so much to see in the summertime in Crested Butte.

The native blooms start to pop up, dusting mountainsides and valleys with an array of colors. I had to check out a spot that has been on my bucket list for years. I have seen the surreal beauty of Emerald Lake only in pictures, and to see it in person was one magical experience. It is a great thing to cross things off your bucket list but it is even better when the place is better than you could ever imagine. The pictures never do it justice. The lake was surrounded by a field of wildflowers coloring the landscape in a rainbow of colors. It was the best spot to witness several different kinds of these wild beauties. A must see if you are planning a trip to Crested Butte this time of year.

I wanted to fill my little basket with these beauties to take them home with me. I hope to learn more about the medicinal purposes of native Colorado plants and to one day forage the plants to use for home remedies. The basket I am carrying and the floral top I am wearing are both from a sustainable brand I have mentioned here in a previous post called Dôen. They are both from the summer collection and make for the perfect outfit for roaming the cool mountains under the summer sun. The top is lightweight but provides comfortable coverage to protect your skin against the sun. The delicate floral pattern in an oxblood red color and is a warm palette that gives your summer wardrobe an Earthy and vintage flair. This print is also used to design three beautiful summer dresses, a cinched short sleeve, long sleeve, and sleeveless version and a button up shirt. It also comes in a warm yellow and baby blue color. 

For the complete outfit details find the shoppable links at below and stay tuned for more Crested Butte adventure posts!

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