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Colorado Hikes: Exploring Crested Butte

July 25, 2018


My boyfriend and I stayed in Crested Butte for two nights. It was our first escape together as a couple after five years of being together. It was nice to finally get that time to spend together away from our regular routine. But we didn’t visit Crested Butte for a vacation. Our time away was solely for the purpose of working to create more travel content for my blog. We took advantage of every minute we had in this town. Not a moment was wasted, and with only a three-day visit we manage to explore what most people would take a week to explore.


We were exploring with a purpose so we can share little unknown parts of the world with people all over the world. It is important for me to create inspiration for more exploration. There are so many little unknown towns in my little corner of the world that need to be experienced. I want to work to uncover as many of these places as possible. Starting with Colorado and slowly branching out across the country and across the world.


I strive to travel as much as possible because that is what I am truly passionate about. I started this blog with the sole vision of it being a travel blog first and a fashion blog second. However, I think planning a wardrobe around a destination is half the fun, that is why I chose to write about both interests. Starting a travel and fashion blog is not easy nor is it very affordable. As much as I want to visit a new country every month, it is not something I can practically afford right now. But I have to start somewhere and that is why I am pushing to see more of my backyard by going on road trips when I can and eventually working my way up to bigger trips around the world.


There is always something special about seeing a new town. As soon as I arrive in a new place I am the kind of person that likes to stay moving, especially when there is so much to see and do. Even if I am tired from the long distance travel, I start to hop around from place to place, coffee in hand, because I will not waste one second of an opportunity to see something new.

Our first full day in Crested Butte, we woke up early, even though we were very tired from the drive the day before. We even managed to get a workout in before we headed off for a full day of photos. My routine for healthy living is never compromised when I am traveling. When I don’t have to waste my time at my job then I have time to do a quick work out, no question. After we worked out we quickly got ready and we were out the door.

First, we visited the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival headquarters. We asked the organizers of the event where the best wildflowers were and the lady recommended three trails to check out. We did all three hikes in one day. Driving in three different directions really gave us a roundabout view of this beautiful mountain town. Our window seat view was always breathtaking and we managed to see a lot of the scenery from the car on our way to our destinations. But as we were driving by there were so many other pockets to see on foot. We will have to return another day for the things we missed.

The first hike was at Brush Creek Trail. We walked a path lined with wild sunflowers as we overlooked lush valleys that were surrounded by towering mountain peaks. We even stumbled across a quiet forest of aspen trees. This hike was perfect for a beginner, the terrain was easy to climb and you can turn around at any point if you get tired out. The next trail we explored was  Kebler Pass Trail. This was the kind of scenery that had me singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music”. There were wildflowers everywhere. They climbed up the mountainside and filled the open spaces in between the trees. It was the place that made all of my wildflower dreams come true. This hike was for more of a moderate hiker with more uphill climbs up the mountain.


This white dress is from my newly found favorite clothing store, Adored Vintage, I also wore another dress from this brand in my picnci post here. It was the perfect fit for a summer day of exploring. It was a casual choice for hiking around nature and for a dress, it was extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. I love how simple the look was and timeless too. A white summer dress is always essential, especially a sleeveless one. And then when the mountain air cooled down I simply threw on a pink cardigan.  I like to fill my closet with a lot of white because I can spruce it up in a lot of different ways throughout the seasons. I am a year-round white wearing kind of girl, it has always been one of my favorite colors to wear. After hiking around I threw on the hunter green espadrilles to complete the look for photos. I really love adding a pop of color to a white outfit and I love doing it in a number of ways.

After our two hikes through the wildflowers we stopped for lunch and ate the lefovers from our picnic feast and later that day we headed to our third hike of the day at Emerald Lake which you can read about here. Thanks for following along! I hope after reading this your feeling more inspired to explore. It is always a good time for an adventure wheather its big or small.


  1. Great pictures and you look so beautiful 😍 Glad you had a great time and got to explore another great town‼️😊

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