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Summer Outfit in Crested Butte

July 28, 2018

The town of Crested Butte is blooming with color and creativity. It is the most charming mountain town that I have wandered through. There is a historic Mainstreet full of local shops and restaurants, and the neighborhood is filled with the cutest homes I have ever seen. Perfect little mountain cottages that look like the perfect escape from the busy world. There are beautiful flower gardens in every yard and window box, and hanging from every hook on every patio. It was fun exploring such a unique and colorful town.

Whenever visiting the mountains in the summertime you have to be prepared with some warmer layers because the higher elevation typically stays much cooler than the Denver area especially when the sun goes down or if its overcast that day. This is important to remember when camping in the high country because being exposed in a tent will get extra cold so you will always need warm layers and blankets even in the summertime. Most of our stay in Crested Butte was cloudy with a chance of rain which was such a relief from the hot summer heat we have been getting in Denver.

I was prepared with the perfect summer outfit. This Rebecca Taylor striped top and long full skirt perfect for a cooler summer day. This top is made out of a thicker material, almost like a light sweatshirt or sweater but it was the perfect layer for a late afternoon of exploring. I was able to score this top on major discount! I love everything that Rebecca Taylor comes out with but this designer is way out of my price range. All of her delicate floral prints and lace details have me swooning and tempted to max out all my credit cards. But I keep a close eye on pieces that I really love in order to save some money. This top was originally $200 dollars and I bought it for $60 on ShopBop. If you click the link there are a lot of very cute Rebecca Taylor pieces on sale right now that I would keep an eye because they are bound to be reduced even more. I have a lot of tactics I use to get designer brands on major discount that I will have to share in another post.


I have seriously been in the mood for more full skirts but they are pretty hard to find! I love how comfortable they are and a little extra fabric really enhances the vintage style that I am always trying to accomplish. One day I was in Nordstrom and I happened to come across this beauty. It was at a decent price, especially for the quality. It is fully lined with lightweight material. I love the playful blue color and white buttons with the bow tie detail. It is made from a brand called 1901. I have never heard of this brand before but if you go check them out on Nordstrom they have a lot of cute things that I currently have on my wishlist. Find my favorites below and most of them are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!!

There are so many things about this charming town that make it one of a kind and with the perfect weather I might have to consider buying a summer home here one day. I will be sharing my absolute favorite things about this town on another post soon! Thanks for reading!

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