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Date Night Dress in Crested Butte

August 1, 2018
Edith fit and flare Gal Meets Glam dress

Date night may include a little photo session but this job really made us take in every minute of the sunset in a beautiful new town while we walked around a romantic setting together. My boyfriend and I have always used photoshoots as our time to spend together. It may be sad, but since we are both workaholics this is our time to get out and experience the world while spending quality time with each other. Plus we get the added benefit of feeling productive in the process. When you find work you love that doesn’t feel like work and you want to be doing it every waking second then you have found your calling in life, which means your ultimately winning in this game of life.


Even if you aren’t making money right away if you keep putting everything you got into your work then it will pay off in time. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. It takes a lot of time and a lot of grind. But having someone who is there to support you, that is going through the same process makes it easier to push through the toughest of barriers. It is important to have a cheerleader telling you that you can do it even when you don’t think it is possible. Barriers and challenges that create fear of failure are the points where you can gain the most growth. I have learned so much through these hard times of growing a business, with many more lessons to learn along the way. But if I didn’t have this journey to figure out, then life would be pretty mundane.

My dream date will always consist of slowly wandering around a new town taking photos. But after we put in the work in Crested Butte we rewarded ourselves with a dinner date with no work involved, just a normal date with good food and talks of the future. This is a rarity for us because having a meal out is usually way too time-consuming. Our dinner routine consists of a healthy quick meal at home most nights, and when we are too tired to cook we order out and take it home so we can keep working. This is the joys of entrepreneurship that people don’t share. There is a lot of sacrifices required for starting a business. Typically you only see people at their point of success and think that they magically got to that point overnight. But the truth is they have been grinding under the radar for many, many, many years.


I went for a classic and comfortable date night dress from the Gal Meets Glam Collection. I love how simple yet elegant a navy blue dress is. It is something that you can wear for many occasions that is easy to dress up or down. Navy is one of those colors that sticks around for every season and never goes out of style. It is always a good color to have in your closet that is easy to throw on with anything and you can always accomplish a timeless look with something navy. The things I love about this particular dress is that it is at the perfect midi length with a full skirt that is perfect for spinning around on the dance floor. Plus I love the comfort of the longer short sleeves. I would wear this dress traveling or to a job interview too. So many things you can use this dress for, the possibilities are endless!

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