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August 2: Style Tip: Dresses Good for Summer and Fall

August 2, 2018

August 2: Style Tip

August? Already? Even though I love the feeling of Fall I can’t believe it is already right around the corner. The summer days aren’t as hot anymore here in Colorado. Our weather has been pleasantly mild with lots of overcast days and some much-needed rain after a serious dry spell. I am not quite ready to put away the summer clothes but I am still dreaming up Fall outfit ideas for all the exciting Fall activities that I am starting to plan. I am not saying my goodbyes to summer yet but I am adding a little more Fall influence to my wardrobe starting with this Gal Meets Glam dress.


This dress was the perfect thing to wear on an overcast and rainy summer day. I ran around town without being too hot or too cold. It was the perfect lightweight, yet comfortably warm outfit I needed for a summer day in the high seventies. There is no way this dress would be practical in the 100-degree sunshine but the lucky thing about living in Colorado is the weather is always changing. Which I need to be prepared with an outfit for every circumstance. One day it’s blazzing hot and the next day mother nature gives you a break and turns some natural AC on.

The colors on this dress are still summery but the darker tones can easily be transitioned to your Fall wardrobe. What I love most about this dress is the vintage style neckline. It is high in the front with a low v-cut in the back that is finished with a feminine bow. This dress is vintage inspired and it makes me so excited to be rocking such an old-fashioned style that I have always admired in older movies. It is a great feeling to find a dress that takes you back in time. I really appreciate how the designer of this dress, Julia Engel has created dresses that are bringing classic, older styles back to life. Yes, that does mean dressing like your Grandma is trending. But in my opinion, it has always been trending. And the Gal Meets Glam collection does a good job with adding a modern twist to classic designs. A woman of any age can feel good wearing one of these dresses.


When shopping for dresses this time of year I am buying fewer sundresses and more dresses with long sleeves. I am also looking at dresses in darker tones like navy blue, emerald green, rusted orange, and Bordeaux red. I will still be wearing summery tones but I will slowly be adding more of these colors when I am shopping. Other items I am shopping for in preparation for Fall is tall rain boots, tall leather boots, booties, (there is no such thing as too many boots) button down oxford shirts, a navy blue skirt, a striped long sleeve top, and maybe a few cardigans that are easy to throw on over dresses.
I hope this advice was helpful! Stay tuned for more style tips coming soon!


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