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How to Find a Timeless Sundress

August 7, 2018
floral print dress Fame and Partners

I put a lot of thought into what I buy. I can hardly ever spontaneously purchase something in a store. When I I go shopping at the mall I know exactly what I am buying. If something unexpected catches my eye I put a mental note in my head and add it to my wishlist on the store’s website to save it. And if I decide that I really need it then I will go back and buy it. I always have outfits in my head that I am seeking to complete. Or a situation that I need the perfect look for. Whenever I get bored with my closet and say “I have nothing to wear” I then create a list of things that are lacking in my closet. That way when I am shopping I know exactly what I am looking for.


These strategies help keep my wardrobe timeless so I can wear the clothes in my closet with many different outfits for many years. Buying clothes is always a big investment and a good wardrobe always requires a lot of thought and a lot of planning. I have to consider what I will wear with the clothing in question. How I will style it. If I will need anything to complete the outfit I am imagining. Also, can I see myself wearing it for several seasons or is it a seasonal piece that I can wear year after year?

My favorite thing I like to add to my closet to freshen it up is dresses. Sundresses are often hard to transition seasonally because summer pallets are always brighter and more colorful than fall pallets. But you can still buy sundresses that are timeless that can be worn for the summer season year after year.

What I look for in a timeless summer dress is a consistent color or print that will never go out of style. An everyday summer style that I always gravitate towards is white dresses with floral prints. There has never been a time this goes out of fashion. Color is the most important thing to consider when buying a timeless dress. Often times there are shades that are on trend that you will get sick of once everyone stops wearing them. It is ok to be bold with trends but when you are investing in a wardrobe that is practical you want to be careful with your spending on trends. Whites, navy blue, neutral pink tones, light grey, black, some lighter shades of blues, greens and yellows are all safe to buy for summer.

Finding a dress that you will wear over and over can be tough because there really has to be something special about the dress if you’re going to wear it over and over again. When I wore this dress from Fame and Partners I felt a deep love for this dress as soon as I touched it. When I put it on it made me feel special. And when I walked into a room or down the street people looked and complimented me. It is a real head turner. It really reminds me of a sundress that would be worn in the 1940’s or something. The material looks luxurious, gauzy and light. Perfect for hot days and even more beautiful blowing in the summer breeze.

Fame and Partners is another new brand for me that I am going to have to keep my eye on. They actually specialize in bridesmaid dresses and gowns that are ethically “made to order” which creates less waste and gives you the option to customize dresses to your unique style. If you check out their site they have tons of dresses for every occasion and they even have this dress in several different styles. Like this maxi wrap dress, this long backless dress, this ruffled corset tied back dress, and this black version. 

I find midi dresses are always the perfect style for a timeless look. I am more likely to wear my midi and maxi dresses because I feel more grown up and comfortable. They are the most flattering style and anything that covers my legs up so I don’t have to shave is always a plus. I like having a few mini dresses in my closet but I more often wear the midi length. Make sure to buy dresses in styles that make you comfortable so you will actually wear them and not leave them in your closet to collect dust. Everyone will have a certain style that they gravitate toward more. Make sure you are conscious of what you like most so you can have many variations of the clothes you love to wear.  I like to have many options that I can wear on rotation so I don’t get sick of wearing anything.

Find more of my picks for timeless sundresses down below. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helps you do some more conscious shopping and wardrobe building! Let me know if you ever need style advice, I am always here to help with anything!!



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