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My Favorite Summertime Outfit Combo

August 9, 2018


When I wake up in the morning and it is already a hot summer day I try to find the most comfortable and lightweight outfit possible in my closet. I know we all have had the struggle of rummaging through our closets trying to find the perfect outfit that fits our mood and the weather conditions. My summer equation that will solve all of your summertime outfit headaches is a simple skirt + a t-shirt = the perfect everyday summertime look that is dressy and casual.

T-shirts are the most comfortable top for me. The tee has to be worn in a little to get the proper pajama feel to it. This is key for this breathable outfit staple, nothing is worse than a stiff t-shirt, those can be quite suffocating, especially if the neckline is to tight. You know what I mean?  I am a girl that loves a good simple tee like this off-white one from Everalne. But I also love fun and quirky graphic tees to give an outfit a cooler vibe. You can do so much with a good t-shirt collection, so it is good to have many options. The best kind of t-shirts are the ones that have memories attached to them, like a souvenir tee from your travels. This makes an outfit even more unique with a one of a kind tee that no one else will be able to copy.


Long skirts are my second favorite clothing item if I feel like staying in my comfort zone on a hot day. Long skirts in the summertime have a lot of perks, and I love wearing skirts more than shorts I must say. In fact, I think I have only worn shorts a couple of times this summer. I have really been in a skirt and sundress mood this season. But anyway, long skirts are better than pants but have the same coverage to protect from the sun and if your feeling too lazy to shave your legs they are the perfect option. There are way too many days where I have this problem. Shaving my legs is getting harder and harder to do with every passing year. Which means more midi skirts, please!! Find this adorable rust orange striped one here. 


This combination is my go-to everyday summer look. This outfit is made for a typical day of running to the grocery store or hanging out a local coffee shop, or a lunch date with a friend, or a shopping day, or any other errands you have to run. Then you can come home throw the bra off and lounge around the house, do some cleaning or get some work done. Believe me, this simple outfit is perfect for your daily routine no matter what it is. Just make sure you make a big batch of fresh peach tea to savor the rest of summer and to get through the last few weeks of this agonizing heat wave. Summer, I love you but thank God Fall will be here soon…

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