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Vintage Inspired Polka Dots

August 28, 2018
Vintage Style Polka Dots


I felt inspired to pull out my favorite polka-dot skirt that I got from Reformation last year. It is one of my favorite pieces in my closet because I can wear it so many ways no matter what the season. Polka dots are another one of those trends that stays timeless, especially when designed as an elegant, midi, pleated, skirt. I can throw this vintage-inspired polka dot skirt together with a tee shirt, lace tank, oxford shirt, or sweater in just about any color. It is one versatile style.


Everything polka dot has been my jam lately and I have really been itching to add more polka dot pieces to my closet. I am obsessed with all the styles and colors that I am seeing in every store and on every fashion blogger. But sometimes its good to just stick with what you already have in your closet before buying something spontaneously without thinking. I struggle to control this spontaneous urge but it is definitely something that I am working on.


I want to incorporate a more realistic way of blogging about style by styling old with new. Buying new pieces all the time is way to unrealistic. I see bloggers all the time wearing a new outfit every day and then having to sell or donate clothes they don’t wear every month. First of all that seems like a closet nightmare and a huge hassle. I personally wish more bloggers would buy items and style them more than once. That way I have tons of inspiration on how to style one piece of clothing for myself.  Which ultimately makes me more likely to buy the items they are marketing. Does anyone else feel the same way?

For this outfit, I wanted to go for a more laid back and vintage look this time. I was inspired by the vintage floral scarf that I found at Adored Vintage and wanted to create an outfit that had a lot of classic influences. I, of course, grabbed my classic polka dot midi skirt and simply threw on my favorite Everlane tee so I could stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Then I had to add these amazing slingbacks I found at Free People. They look like Chanel knock-offs and they are the perfect shoe to add for a more timeless vintage outfit. This was the new item I purchased and I am so excited to wear these shoes with so many outfits. They are the perfect shoe for transitioning from summer to fall.

I hope this post helps inspire you to try on some polka dots and vintage styles! Thanks for reading!!

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