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Adored Vintage Summer Outfit

August 31, 2018
Adored Vintage outfit


Adored Vintage is a brand I just discovered a few months ago and at first sight, I was madly deeply in love. All of the clothes are everything I dream to have in my closet and what is even better is that they are very reasonably priced with exceptional quality (which is a rare find). I have styled a few dresses from Adored Vintage, in this post and this post, but I think it is time for a more proper introduction.


“Adored Vintage is very much a reflection of my personal taste: feminine, romantic, classic and timeless. I want to sell dresses that will become the dresses you pass down to your daughter. The dress you turn to again and again. The dress you live your life in, create memories in. Dresses that make you feel lovely and most importantly, Adored.” – Rodellee 

Adored Vintage is run by one amazing woman named Rodellee.  I admire so many things about Rodellee, I really feel like I know her, and gain an overwhelming amount of inspiration from her work every day. She has been selling vintage clothing since 2004 and in 2017 she started selling more modern vintage styles to meet the high demand of vintage-inspired fashion. Her carefully selected pieces are timeless, romantic, classic, and feminine. The clothes really look like they were made in another time, I don’t know how she does it.


I am truly mindblown by how this brand is a one women show.  Every detail is so thoughtfully planned out and created with so much of Rodellee’s personality. I can tell that she puts every part of herself into Adored Vintage which makes it a one of a kind masterpiece. It feels good to support such a strong woman that has found her calling. I hope to one day build up as much work ethic to sustain such a charismatic business that has every piece of me intertwined into every detail.


The little things are what can set anything apart and I have always had an eye for these minor details. Rodellee captures my heart with the little things. When you receive your Adored Vintage order there is always a little-dried flower inside the parcel. After a few different orders, I have created a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers that sit in my favorite antique blue and white jug on my mantel. This small touch is just one carefully thought out detail that makes all the difference and makes me more excited to shop Adored Vintage.


Another thing I love to see on the Adored Vintage website and Instagram is all the inspirational stories that she ties into every outfit. I love visualizing her ideas on how a vintage dress once lived or how a vintage-inspired dress will play a role in someone’s life. She is a wonderful storyteller. When I read her Instagram posts they are always enough inspiration to last a lifetime. Essentially they are teaching me more about myself and what makes my heart sing. Antiques, vintage clothing, simple living, the countryside, wide open spaces, flowers, and everything with English and French influences.

This outfit helps me picture myself picking fresh summer berries on the French countryside. I have been obsessing over the idea of foraging in a European garden or a distant forest lately. Many of my outfits that I have planned have this visual in mind and has me running to every local farm and garden that I can find. The brown skirt I am wearing is made of cotton so it is a heavier material that feels like it will last a lifetime. It pairs nicely with a romantic white top for summer but it also will play nicely with autumn tones. I cannot wait to style it a few different ways for Fall. I already have a few French-inspired outfits in mind.

I hope this post encourages you to take some time to shop Adored Vintage. I encourage you to take some time to get to know the brand, spend some time reading the journal, diary and vintage clothing guide. Discover more vintage outfit ideas on this page and for daily inspiration make sure you follow this lovely shop on Instagram @adoredvintage.

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