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Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe

September 9, 2018
Transitioning summer dresses to fall


Createing a pre-fall style all about finding the perfect mix of summer and fall. The weather doesn’t know how to make up its mind this time of year but when it decides it is going to be fall then you better be prepared with another layer. I find myself dressing for summer most days still but there have been a few days where I wasn’t prepared for the temperatures to drop and I was left freezing all day in the air conditioning while it was raining outside.


So in order to avoid this situation, I have several wardrobe maneuvers I use for the in-between season’s phase that I will be sharing here so you can start transitioning your summer wardrobe for fall with ease. Transitioning into seasons is the perfect tactic for extending the life of summer styles while freshening them up with some of the new fall styles. Or if you have your wardrobe organize by seasons, which I highly suggest, then you can pull out some old fall pieces that you forgot all about.

Tucking away your seasonal wardrobe and pulling it out again every year is always a nice surprise because there will be items that you totally forgot about that you will be dying to wear when the weather changes and your back in the fall mood. It’s like winning the clothing lottery and that way you don’t feel obligated to go buy a whole new wardrobe. I also like to take note of pieces I no longer have a love for and either donate them or sell them before the season starts. Then I take note of what items are lacking in my closet and keep an eye out for the perfect piece as more fall lines start to come out.


Summer dresses are the first thing I start transitioning. I love wearing dresses most days and they are one of the easiest things to layer for fall. When it’s colder it is easy to throw on a jacket or a cardigan. And when it starts to really feel like fall then its time to pull out the tights and boots. As I have mentioned in a previous post, navy blue is one of my favorite neutral colors because it can be worn during any season. And this midi styled dress from Gal Meets Glam makes this the perfect dress for a base layer for fall. Having something so simple in your closet is nice because you can style it a million different ways with accessories and top layers for fall.


A moto jacket in an autumn hue, like this green one, is the perfect way to jazz up any old dress. It is an easy piece to grab out of the closet and keep on hand just in case the weather changes. Last year I had to add the green suede moto jacket to my closet and it is my favorite color to wear. I especially love wearing the dark green hues for fall. I think the more color options you have in the moto jacket department makes you more prepared for life. I will have to add a warm brown or tan this year so I can have more color options and add an even warmer hue to my fall outfits.

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