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Sunday Inspiration

September 17, 2018
Doên Clothing


Sundays are always days that I take advantage of my spare time and find inspiration in the world around me. There is always so much I want to accomplish on a Sunday, it isn’t normally a day of rest for me, but more of a day for freely absorbing creativity and turning that inspiration into my own creative work. Some of my favorite things to do on a Sunday are photo shoots, walks around old neighborhoods, trying a new recipe, writing a blog post, creating a mood board on Pinterest, watching old movies, reading a book or learning a new skill.

My perfect Sunday starts with getting the creative juices flowing with a morning run or workout. After that I sit and enjoy my coffee, savoring every sip. Then I am off to the Farmer’s Market. I often have a list of what I will need for the week but I will also buy whatever is unique and looks good. After a morning spent with my local farmers my day is always different. I wander wherever the day leads me and often try to do something new, like trying a new coffee shop or walking down a new street, or just staying home and baking something new.


Sunday nights are all about taking the time to cook a good meal that is wholesome and ultimately satisfying with the goodies I picked up at the farmers market. And sometimes sharing a meal with my family enjoying their company after weeks of being apart. The atmosphere of Sunday is always so liberating and relaxed. Everyone seems to be happy, not in a rush and enjoying the time they have. Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week, I wish every day could be Sunday.

I thought I would use today’s post to share specific things that have been inspiring me lately. I feel I have gone through a lot of growth after blogging for a year now and I am ready to take bigger steps and bigger risks for a more sustainable lifestyle working creatively. This blog has been my creative outlet for the past year and it has gradually opened me up to discover things about myself and what I ultimately want for my future. This past year I started writing down to-do lists and goals, and slowly but surely I am working on crossing things off of my short-term and long-term goals. Moving in a direction that has turned into a clear path for me. Following my gut and listening to the little voice inside my head more and more and taking the necessary actions to create change.


My epiphany I had recently has been the answer I have searching for a long time. I have had the pieces to the puzzle for a while now but I have finally put the pieces together and I can see the big picture clearly. One thing I have been struggling with all my life is confidence. Lack of confidence over the years has stopped me from believing in my abilities to pursue my dreams. I would often tell myself “oh I can’t do that” or “I’m not talented enough” or “I want to do that one day” and now I have switched my wording around. I am telling myself that “I can do that” or ” I am talented enough (or I can learn how to be talented) and “I am not waiting any longer, I am accomplishing my dreams starting today!”. Confidence is a powerful thing.

With this new found confidence, I have found deep down inside I have something different to offer this world. I have discovered that I am a fashion designer, I just have to take the time to learn how to sew and start designing. But this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I just always doubted that I could actually be something this big. I want to own a shop with my very own vintage-inspired clothing made from ethical and sustainable materials, which I have mentioned before but now I am taking the steps to move forward with this big dream. Very much like the inspirational brands, I love to share on my blog, like Doên, Adored Vintage, and Gal Meets Glam. The strong women behind these companies created their own thing and made me realize that my dreams are possible. So starting now I am a fashion designer that is working to make my mark in a big way with time, work, and sacrifices, I am following my inspiration and creating my vision.

I hope you start finding what inspires you this Sunday and use that to start living confidently my lovelies🍂🌼💛✨

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