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Apple Picking Season

September 18, 2018
Apple Picking


I did not think apple picking was a thing in Colorado, it is quite unheard of. But after my experience apple picking in Albany, New York a few years ago I was desperate to experience this fall activity once again. That day in Albany, New York picking apples was exactly what a perfect autumn day feels like to me. The air was crisp, and fog hung over the autumn colored hills. It was a day filled with bonding with my closest friends while getting lost among the roes and roes of trees covered in the juiciest apples. Then the day was not complete until we had hot apple cider donuts in our belly as we headed off for wine tasting at a local winery. The local east coast residents who get to celebrate the change of season with this tradition every year are extremely lucky. This is one of the sweetest memories that I will always hold close to my heart and I hope to have this fall experience many more times in the future.


The colors of Autumn on the east coast offer a little something different. The forrest that you are surrounded by in Albany, New York is dense with a warm mix of Auburn, gold, burgundy, and green. Here in Colorado, we do have beautiful fall foliage but only where you can find the aspens that have turned golden yellow. The differences in foliage are unique and beautiful in their own way. Just like the Colorado apple orchards, that are unique in their own way. It was nowhere near New York on a brisk autumn day, but it was still one of the best activities to experience in beautiful Colorado.


It was a warm, late summer day and the sun was blazing, with the skies the brightest of blue. Although it was not my perfect autumn day it was still a day of fun picking bushels of heirloom and antique apples. Masonville Orchard is located in farm country just a little east of Fort Collins. This orchard is complete with two hundred different varieties of apples, pears, and plums. Not all are available at the same time. There are certain rows of apples that are ready to pick while the rest of the apples are still ripening for picking later in the season. The plums and pears are also grown certain times during the year. If you live close enough to visit on a weekly basis that would be the best way to try out all the different varieties. I may have to move closer myself so I can benefit from having freshly picked apples as often as I like this time of year. I would easily be a weekly customer.


There is nothing better than picking your food from the source. No need to worry about cold storage apples that sit in a cooler for who knows how long. These crisp little apples were freshly picked by me and consumed with every nutritional benefit that those babies are meant to have. And you best believe I went home and made a batch of fresh homemade baked apple cider donuts. Fall is here and I am ready for the colorful celebration. Who else is apple picking this time of year? Where are your favorite places for autumn apple picking?


Outfit Details

Skirt and Top: Vintage from Improv Goods

Rain boots: Hunter Boots

Basket backpack: Wild Minimalist 


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