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Hunter Boots

September 19, 2018
Hunter boots gardening outfits

This quick post is highlighting how I am styling my Hunter boots for this autumn season. Fall brings so many exciting activities that get you outside enjoying the mild weather as much as possible before the cold winter hits. From apple picking to pumpkin patches, strolls through the autumn leaves, fall festivals, and more, there is always so many outdoor celebrations to be apart of during this colorful time of year.

The best way to be prepared for whatever fall may bring is owning a pair of trusty Hunter boots. Rain or shine those babies can be worn in every kind of terrain. They are comfortable, durable, and some of the most stylish boots for fall. I have had my shorty ones for years now and I can say for sure that these boots are a closet essential that you may not know your missing. Then I ran into times where I wish I had a taller boots to style with different outfits. So I decided to add the olive green tall boots to my wardrobe for fall.

Hunter boots are an obvious choice with casual denim looks and the two different styles of boots work well with different styles. For example, the tall boots don’t function well over wide leg pants but work perfectly over skinny jeans and leggings. The short boots are great for anything wider than a skinny jean and I particularly love styling them with straight leg jeans that have a cuff at the bottom. And if you’re a girly girl like me that prefers wearing skirts and dresses the majority of the time the short hunter boots and tall Hunter boots work best with certain lengths of skirts and dresses as you can see pictured in the photos below. I styled two similar outfits with skirts in different length that line up perfectly with the height of the boots.

Hunter boots are made for drudging through the dirt. Jumping in puddles. Working among the gardens and orchards. They can withstand any messy situation that comes your way this fall. And one pair is never enough.




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