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Garden Sweet Farm Part 2: The Flower Garden

September 25, 2018


Garden Sweet Farm has a lot more to offer than just berries and other produce, that is why I had to make this blog post a two-part series. A big portion of their acreage is dedicated to rows and rows of flowers. When we arrived and saw all of the sunflowers and dahlias my heart was in a happy place. I had a sad encounter with the DIA sunflower fields this past August that left an empty place in my heart. We rushed out to the fields as soon as the buzz hit the internet but sadly when we arrived the fields were all chopped down and we didn’t know where else to go. So we drove home completely defeated.  But in the end it all worked out after visiting Garden Sweet Farm, I still got my sunflower pictures, and there will always be next year for more sunflowers.     

My love for gardening has been growing more and more everytime I visit these flower gardens. It is such an amazing experience to cut fresh flowers and make a garden bouquet full of unique beauties. Every time I visit a new garden I am always seeking to find another one to explore. There are so many here in Colorado, and depending on the time of year, there are all kinds of flower fields that can be found across the state. There are many I missed this year but I cannot wait to visit them next year.

It may seem a little crazy to travel around in search for flowers but that is just how passionate I am about gardening. Since I don’t have the yard space to grow anything right now I have to vicariously live the life of a flower farmer for just a day to fill the void. But as I visit these places and learn more about gardening from my favorite local farmers I am preparing myself with knowledge and inspiration that will one day enable me to grow my own successful garden. This dream is closer than I think.


My gardening style is inspired by European and vintage styles I have found on Pinterest. My style is always very inspired by this region and as the weather gets colder and the leaves start to change all I want to do is bundle up in an Irish sweater next to the fire, cup of tea and hand, and daydream of the quiet countryside. If you follow my Pinterest board Countryside Garden you can find what is inspiring me when it comes to fresh garden eats and styling gardening styles. And my Pinterest is full of different style boards with lots of vintage and European outfit inspiration.

I have been wanting a crisp white button-down, it is an easy transitional piece that is classic. It can go with anything, especially my growing collection of skirts, and it is a simple base layer that will easily go underneath sweaters and coats. Although this time of year we may be trading our summer ginghams for more autumn plaids, I am still gravitating toward this happy print. Gingham is extremely fitting when your playing in the countryside. This dressed up gardening look may be a bit much for a typical farmer, but I guarantee this is the kind of thing I would always be wearing when picking goodies from the garden. It is also made functional with a big straw hat, which is essential when doing any kind of yard work. And my short hunter boots, another essential for gardening. Always the perfect shoe for playing in the dirt.

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