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Fall Layers: Floral Dresses and Cable Knit Sweaters

October 2, 2018
Fall Layers Floral Dress and Cable knit Sweater


This post is the first in its series where I will be sharing how I am layering this season with some creative ways that will help you successfully set up outfits that are perfect for the autumn chill. We all get excited about fall layers this time of year because we all cannot wait for that cozy autumn feeling when its cold enough to bundle up in a sweater. But with all the bundled layers it can be quite the headache to assemble the perfect fall outfit. On the days when the weather doesn’t want to make up its mind, you have to be prepared for a cloudy day and a sunny day with just one outfit. This requires a lot of thought out planning to build the perfect outfits that you can change as fast as the weather. Fall layers are an essential part of this season and I am here to help give you some easy ideas that you can use when you’re having a fashion brain freeze.


Summer floral dresses are one thing that I have a hard time packing away so with this outfit I created a fall layered outfit with a summer dress and a heavy and cozy cable knit sweater. This outfit is a functional layered look that can easily be changed if the weather went from cold to hot. The sweater kept me warm on a rainy day but as soon as the sun popped out  I pulled the sweater off and was left with a light dress that I could cool off in. By adding the warm tone accessories like the olive green boots and burgundy bag it completely changed the dress from a summer outfit to an autumn outfit. Mixing brighter colors with warmer tones is essential when building a fall outfit.

If you want to add more floral dresses to your wardrobe my favorite place for vintage-inspired dainty floral prints is Adored Vintage. But you can also find a lot of beautiful floral dresses suitable for fall below.

The soft cable knit sweater I am wearing is from J Crew last year. The nice thing about J Crew is they often re-release their most popular items and they always seem to have some nice quality sweaters that you can snag during their huge sales. Find my favorite cable knit sweaters below and shop my shoes and bag below too.

I like to call this outfit my Irish countryside style. My Irish heritage often leads me to seek out unique European styles that make me imagine what I would wear if I lived in a small cottage on the Irish countryside. I often imagine this setting and having a big garden to take care of with wisping views of the rolling green hills. With never experiencing Ireland in person I have created this great image from the tidbits I have seen and heard from afar. From what I imagine Ireland to be like this would be the perfect outfit for a chilly autumn day. My wardrobe would be stuffed with vintage floral dresses and Irish knitted sweaters if I lived in Ireland. Maybe a little dressier attire than most but my outfits are always a little dressy.


I will be sharing a lot more layered fall outfits in the coming weeks so make sure you are following along to get all my tips with lots of outfit inspiration. And as always thanks for stopping by!

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