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Fall Colors: Browns

October 4, 2018
Gal Meets Glam Jeanie Woodland Plaid Dress


Good morning! Today I am starting another series called Fall Colors. I will be sharing all the fall hues that I am adding to my closet this season starting with brown! Brown is a neutral color that is always popping up in nature during these colorful months. It is a great neutral to pair with all of your bold autumn colors like reds, yellows, and oranges. It can also be quite a statement if you find a brown piece that is done right.


The brown tweed dress I am wearing is a dream dress. The kind of dress you would see your favorite actress wearing in a classic film. It was my first pick from the Gal Meets Glam September collection because it was something different. A style I have never seen before, a color that was lacking in my closet, and it was exactly what I needed to add to my fall wardrobe. The thick tweed material is the perfect weight for autumn. Plus you can never add too much check prints to your autumn wardrobe. I am always looking for more check and plaid this time of year. And it is especially nice when you can find a check that has one color palette for a more subtle and sophisticated look.


I have no idea why I have never worn brown before, it is my new favorite color that I can’t wait to add more and more to my closet. The warmth brown brings to an outfit is soft and is a good replacement for black if you want something different. Black always adds more of an edge while brown adds more of an inviting tone. Just by adding a brown bag or brown shoes it will soften your outfit. So with this soft-toned dress, I decided to add a little bit of edge with the black bag. But then the cream flats with the black toe makes the black edge more classic. The classic shoes and the classic dress were a perfect match.       

The vintage-inspired details I love about this dress is the tortoise buttons, elbow length sleeves, and the fit to flare shape. The tortoise buttons with the caramel brown tone round all of the brown colors together for added interest and versatility. You could play off these colors by pairing the dress with a camel bag, jacket or shoes. The elbow length sleeves are personally my favorite length because it always feels more comfortable. This length also adds sophistication and flair. The most attractive part about this outfit is the matching button on the sleeve and the slightly puffed shoulders, these are the kind of things one dreams of in a vintage dress. It is so nice to see vintage sleeves coming back in style. The fit and flare shape is my favorite because I like the modest feel. The top is fitted perfectly while the bottom part is flared enough for a feminine shape.


Who else has been adding more browns to their fall wardrobe? I would love to hear if your just as obsessed about this color as I am or what other fall colors you are choosing to add to your wardrobe? I will be sharing more fall colors that I have buying soon, stay tuned!!

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