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Fall Colors: Greens

October 9, 2018
olive green outfit


Autumnal greens are my next pick for fall colors that I am adding to my wardrobe. I am always looking for more green to wear no matter what season it is. But for fall I am gravitating towards shades of dark olive, hunter, forrest, moss, and sage. These are all of the green fall shades I am gradually adding year after year. These darker and subtler shades pair well with other autumn colors especially browns and tans. And you can never go wrong with a little green on green, with a monochromatic outfit.


Green is my favorite color and lucky for me green is the color that looks best on redheads. Personally, I think redheads can pull off any color, no matter what anybody else says, but I do have to agree with green being one of the best-looking colors on a redhead. I especially love wearing green because it brings out the green in my bluish-green eyes, which I would happily trade for all green eyes if I could. There are a number of reasons why I love the color green but the biggest reason is that I am a big nature lover that loves being surrounded by lively green plants whenever possible. Being surrounded by plants in a store or trees in a forrest is always my happiest place. This love of nature contributes to my favorite seasons too. Spring when the world bursts with green life and even in fall when the greens mix with shades of red, orange, and yellow. These seasons go through the most magical changes.


This olive green sweater I found while doing my J Crew fall try on post which you can read here. It is a wool blend sweater so it is a heavier material that is very warm. Perfect for a base layer under a cardigan or blazer and it will work great under warmer coats for winter. My favorite detail on this sweater is the little ruffle neckline that is a vintage-inspired feminine touch that I, of course, gravitated to. I am going to need this detail in a few more sweaters in different colors because it really adds a beautiful touch to an outfit.


An olive sweater with a darker olive skirt was a no-brainer outfit combo. The like with like colors put together a very sophisticated look that is perfect for an autumn day, or night on the town. And with the red-brown loafers that match my hair, it turned into a very matchy-matchy outfit. When it is a sunny day in Colorado it is still warm enough for mini skirts and no tights but I have been itching to put on my tights again. The skirt I bought last year from Club Monaco but there are many similar options here, here, and here.



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