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Fall Colors: Reds

October 15, 2018
Autumn Red Sherpa Jacket Outfit


Reds especially the darker shades, are always trending this time of year and I always fall in love with the ones that remind me of the red leaves. Oxblood, magenta, berry, burgundy, maroon, wine, saffron, red-brown are all colors I have been gravitating towards lately. After living in Colorado practically all of my life we are accustomed to the mountain tops being covered by yellow and gold hues, with never very much orange or red. Whenever I see a foreign tree with red leaves I am so amazed by its beauty. Since the red leaves are such a rarity they became my favorite shade of fall colors. Then when I visited Albany, New York a few years back during this time of year I was so amazed by the forests that were every fall color imaginable with many many trees that were red, orange and yellow. New York was an incredibly different autumn experience that makes me want to experience more of this season in different places around the world. I am sure there are a lot of unique aspects to how we all experience and celebrate such a magical time of year.


My favorite coat to pull out this time of year is my red sherpa Levis jacket that I bought last year and they still have it available here! Sherpa lined corduroy jackets were all the rage last year and I saw everyone wearing one. I especially love seeing them because they remind me of my favorite show Gilmore Girls. Lorelai’s quirky style, and Rory’s preppy schoolgirl style have always had a big influence on my style which I talk about more in this post here.


Lately, every time I put an outfit together I have been gravitating away from pants more and more. I have just been in a skirt and dresses kind of mood and they are the only things I want to wear! I bought this fun brown skirt from Mod Cloth because I think it is a great neutral that I can wear a lot this season with all kinds of colors with many different outfits. I love buying things that I can wear in many different ways! And I also needed a new beige turtleneck sweater, another staple for the cold weather. The one I bought last year was a little to see through. This one that I am wearing was under $20 at H&M and it was such a good find for such a low price. I really love the material, it is soft and not at all see-through, you cannot beat a quality made sweater for such a low price and it is another piece that I will be wearing a lot. H&M is the first place I would look if you’re in need of some new sweaters.


I was in the mountains a few weeks ago during the peak of the leaves changing. Then over the past couple of weeks, this colorful autumn scenery quickly turned into a snow-covered winter wonderland. I am thankful that we got to see this glorious view while it lasted. The first weekend we were there we stopped in Vail for the farmer’s market. It was one of the biggest farmer’s markets I have ever been to. It had a lot of craft booths, art booths, food stands, and a few local farmers with beautiful and unique selections of produce. I would highly suggest a visit if you are in the area. The market is always on Sunday and there is probably only one or two left in the season. It is really sad how winter blew in so quickly, I have no idea how I am going to survive without my weekly fix of locally grown produce. I will desperately be counting down the days for the Farmer’s Market to pick up again.


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