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Mixing Autumn Colors

October 18, 2018


Yellow has been a color that has been trending more and more every season. I love seeing everyone wear the bright yellow colors that look very much like the changing leaves of the aspen trees. The trends that people wear are more often inspired by the colors of nature. And the colors of fall are especially colorful and warm. Fall colors are natures gift before turning desolate, gray and cold for winter. There is so much beauty in a world that is slowing dying off.                   

Yellow is not a color I wear often. In fact, I believe I only have one yellow t-shirt in my closet and nothing else. But I like adding a variety of color to my wardrobe because I never know what I will be in the mood for. My mind changes so often and with the change of season, I am in more of a mood to try new things. My bold autumn style really reflects how I am feeling lately. I am pushing to try new things, take risks, and live life a little more boldly.

As I try to invest in more pieces that I can wear for many years I find it hard to stick to a certain color palette so everything mixes and matches cohesively. I find color palettes to be quite boring since I love having many color options that play nicely with every season. When building a capsule wardrobe I think that people make it too complicated and set a lot of rules that are not suitable for everyone’s lifestyle or personality. Many have successfully gone the minimalistic route of owning a few select pieces for every season, but I find this strategy to be quite difficult.


However, I think there are other ways that I can consume clothes at a slower rate and still have a larger capsule wardrobe that is more suitable for my personal style and needs. The color palette rule I have thrown out the window. I do not want to be restricted on what colors I can and can’t wear. There are a million ways to style colors and a wardrobe does not have to be matchy, matchy all the time. In fact, sometimes it is more fun to be a little more whimsical with mixing colors and prints. Like this outfit that I am wearing.

Mixing autumn colors like red plaid and bright yellow for something a little different. For a girl that has been very matchy, matchy for most of her life, this combination is a break out style for me. I remember being told once how awful red and yellow looked together, but I am here to prove all those anti color naysayers wrong. This outfit is so fun. I have been gushing over everything yellow and everything plaid and to put together a nature-inspired bright autumn outfit has me ready for any fall festivity. I really am loving all of the colors of the season and I hope that my fall colors posts have had you more excited to bring a little more color into your wardrobe. I urge you to try mixing and matching your colorful autumn pieces for something unique and fresh. I know I can’t wait to play with mixing more autumn colors together. Oh, the sweet joys of this wonderful season.

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