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Autumn Orange and Plaid

October 22, 2018
autumn orange and plaid


Layering with Skirts

Skirts are the easiest thing to wear this time of year because the layering possibilities are endless. With a skirt, you can interchange the top depending on your mood, destination and weather conditions. Sometimes I think I am more skirt obsessed than dress obsessed. I often buy many of them and still have many that I keep an eye on in the hopes to purchase them. I mean how many skirts does a girl need??… I may have a problem.

Autumn Plaid Skirt Inspiration

Plaid skirt season is upon us and it is one of my favorite ways to wear this print. A part of me feels like a young Rory Gilmore heading off to Chilton. But it is also a girly way to wear a mountain print staple that Luke Danes could be proud of. A piece that is masculine and preppy at the same time. This full skirt mini was actually a Christmas gift from my Aunt and Uncle from last year. They always give the best gifts. I can confidently ask for clothes and they always know what I will like! This style is something I would have overlooked in the store but now it is one of my favorite fall skirts. Trying out a style I would not have chosen for myself was refreshing and really goes to show that it is always good to try something new.


Autumn Orange and Plaid Outfit

The autumn rust orange, another classic fall color is always a color that I am trying to add to my closet this time of year. This silk button down top that I am wearing was another great investment that I bought myself last year from Sezane. You can never go wrong with adding another button down to your wardrobe this time of year. It is another piece that is easily layered in many ways. The possibilities are endless. I think that is what I love most about putting outfits together, there is so much creativity that goes into one outfit, and I often hardly wear the same combination twice because it is fun mixing and matching my wardrobe 100’s of different ways. I hope these posts help you have fun with mixing up your wardrobe too!

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