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Fall Layered Jumpsuit

November 3, 2018
Fall Layered Jumpsuit


I have owned this Madewell jumpsuit for a couple of years now but it was a best seller so it is still available at Madewell.  It is one of my closet staples that always comes in handy when I want to wear something comfortable and when I don’t feel like putting on a dress. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to dresses. It is still dressy but the pants attached to the bottom rather than a skirt makes it feel more comfortable. The only issue I have with jumpsuits is they are the hardest thing to get off if you have to use the restroom. But other than that it is nice to have a versatile piece that can flow with my changing mood and can be mixed and matched with practically anything in my closet.


This one I am wearing is my favorite jumpsuit I own because I can layer it in so many ways. I’ve worn it casually with a white t-shirt underneath. It can also be worn during any season. For summer it is great just by itself especially with the cutout and bow in the back. This season I styled it with my bow-tie plaid shirt and loafers which turned out to be a great business look. Perfect for a day at the office or even something different to wear for a job interview or professional event. For winter I will have to find a good sweater to go underneath it or maybe even a sweater coat. With a neutral jumpsuit, the possibilities are endless.


How do you like seeing pieces re-styled? I am trying to re-use a lot of my pieces to show how versatile they really are. I think that it is essential as a fashion blogger to show how you style a piece multiple ways because that is the most practical and realistic way to share a wardrobe. Plus styling one thing in many ways shows more creativity. And shows how to be more conscious about fashion waste and how to budget your spending on clothes by buying pieces that you can wear more ways than one. Let me know if these re-style posts are inspiring you to challenge yourself to mix it up a little. If you take a minute to remix your favorite pieces in your wardrobe I bet you will be surprised by what kind of cute outfits you can put together without hitting the mall or online shops.

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