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3 Ways to Style Velvet Pants

November 9, 2018
Velvet Pants Outfit

Another fall is almost over. The last of the leaves are falling. The grey clouds are settling in. And the chilly air can be seen with every breath. I am starting to gravitate towards heavier materials that add extra warmth and texture to my outfits. These velvet pants are destined to be a favorite this time of year. I needed to prepare for winter with more cozy bottoms and these beautiful chocolate brown velvet pants were too pretty to pass up.

As I try to control the impulse to shop as much as I can, these velvet pants were one of those items I could not forget about. I spent several weeks considering if they were a need or a want. Ultimately I decided they would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. The only pair of pants I own that is suitable for winter is one maybe two pairs of jeans, the rest are either too big because I lost weight, or they are more of a spring/summer cropped style.


As soon as I received the pants in the mail I was able to put together three outfits quickly and easily with the items in my closet. It is always easier to welcome a new item to the party when it can be friends with the rest of your closet. This shade of brown makes it easy to style many different ways and today I am sharing three ways I am styling velvet pants with probably many more styles to come. I am excited to share such a versatile piece to give you the inspiration to restyle some of your older winter pieces.

For the first outfit, I combined a simple combination with a chunky greenish-blue sweater that I received for Christmas last year. I have been loving all the green and brown tones put together lately so this color combination was an easy throw on and go style for me. The color combination was a little out of the box for me but it turned out so good that I can’t wait to try wearing these pants with more shades of green. Plus what makes the outfit even easier to wear is the soft materials from the sweater and pants make an extra cozy outfit. A sophisticated style that you can easily wear all day long at the office or running errands. And when I am comfortable in something I am bound to wear it again.


These pants are from my Parisian love Sezane. So after shopping with them, I felt like pairing together some of my older Sezane pieces with the new one for an all-around polished European look. If you are trying to accomplish a classic Parisian autumn/winter style here is your Parisian Chic checklist:

1. Beret 2. Cozy Jumper 3. Long Blazer 4. Velvet Pants 5. High Heel Boots.

Parisian style is natural perfection. A Parisian woman always dresses with class, using minimalistic and timeless influences, that give her confident sophistication. There is a certain amount of wit behind the wardrobe that she accentuates with her charming personality and one of the kind accessories. I feel many American women idolize the Parisian it girls. With just one Audrey Hepburn movie and that impression is left on all of us. We crave the Parisian ideals of the classic modern day women in Paris because it reminds us of the classic movies and the glamorous European lifestyle that is so different from the American lifestyle. The easiest way to accomplish this style is by shopping at Sezane.

An extra-long cardigan paired with a silk blouse and velvet pants is another look that can stand up to the chilly winter air. Extra long sweaters have always been part of my signature style they are a great cozy layer to throw on over a complete outfit when it is extra cold outside or inside. The best part about long cardigans are coatagans is that they are the perfect indoor coat when you need it. I think the color combination with the rust orange and brown is a classic autumn pair. But the cream long sweater softens the look and makes the outfit more suitable for a transition into a snow-covered wonderland. A silk blouse and knit are my favorite layering pieces right now. They are the bread and butter to get you through the winter. If you can’t think of what to wear on a gloomy day this kind of outfit is a great fall back option.

Find cozy bottoms to add to your wardrobe like my velvet pants from Sezane here. Out of the three, what is your favorite style? Let me know in the comments! And as always thanks for stopping by!

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