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Knee High Boots Worth the Investment

November 25, 2018

Madewell Boots Finds

My Signature Look

I have always been a boots loving girl. Especially when worn with dresses. It is an outfit combination that has been one of my signature looks for many years. I can be quite the boots addict and I always have several different styles on my wishlist. It would be a dream of mine to have a large section of boots in every color and shape in my closet. Everyday colors and statement styles. I would wear boots every day if I had several different pairs that matched everything in my wardrobe.

Investing in Boots

Investing in good quality boots is very expensive. I always have to put a lot of thought into the purchase and save my money for the right pair. When buying a good quality pair of boots you have to buy them from a brand you know and trust.  I have been wanting a pair of brown knee-high boots for many years and decided that this was the year to buy them. I was running into many outfits that I was putting together wishing I had brown boots in my closet.

My Favorite Brands to Shop for Boots

One of my best investments a few years back was my black pair of knee-high boots. They are made out of quality leather that I can wear in wet and dry weather. I love wearing them with many outfits and have put my investment to a lot of use. When I decided I was in the market for some brown suede boots I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted at first. I was waiting for Sezáne to come out with another capsule(that just came out today) with new boots. They have the best boots that are worth the money. Sezane does have a beautiful pair of brown suede over the knee boots here and a similar knee-high style here. But Madewell came out with these almost identical pairs of boots that were a little cheaper. If you are fast enough you can get them at a killer discount at 25% off for Black Friday weekend. Also find them in black here. 

In short, I will be wearing these beautiful boots with all my warm winter hues this season. I can’t wait to share how I am styling these boots with more outfit inspiration to come! Thanks for stopping by for this quick read! Have a good rest of your Sunday!!


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