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Vintage Fair Isle Sweater

December 6, 2018

Hello everyone! I had such a great response from my last vintage post so today I am sharing another one of my favorite online vintage shops with you! If your an avid vintage lover like me then you will love this shop. Especially because everything is so reasonably priced. My winter fair isle sweater is a fur blend, premium quality sweater that I bought for $16!!! Anyone can afford that! Every penny is worth it when it is a quality vintage piece that will last years and years. A much smarter buy compared to a trendy sweater made of plastic materials from Forever 21 for the same price. See you can find investment pieces for every budget, you just have to know where to look!


Adrian Company is my hidden gem. I have been perusing this shop the last couple of weeks and I have been adding so many items to my wish list. They have a lot of modern vintage pieces that always look brand new. This sweater was my first purchase from the shop. The best thing about buying from Adrian Company is the free and fast shipping, which is such a perk when buying from Etsy. I received my package just in time for my trip to the mountains. This furry sweater kept me comfortably warm while wandering around Breckenridge. A quality made sweater is so essential when living in snowy places like Colorado. The winter weather has permanently settled in and I am always heavily layering.


What I love most about this sweater is the winter wonderland feel with the snowflake pattern and small sequin details. It is such a cute way to stay festive this time of year for winter and for Christmas. Christmas is such a fun Holiday to dress up for. I have always loved dressing up no matter what the occasion is. And sometimes the occasion is just a special time of year that inspires you to celebrate life. The festive air has me ready for the holidays and with this sweater, my internal festive cheer can be accentuated externally for all the world to see. Chrismas is here and I am so excited to celebrate with my loved ones. It is already passing so quickly so make sure you take advantage of the season by doing what makes you happy with your friends and family.



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