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4 Snow Essentials

December 11, 2018
Snow Outfit Breckenridge Colorado


When walking in a winter wonderland you are going to want to be prepared head to toe. After living in Colorado practically all my life with frequent trips to the mountains I have learned the best ways to prepare for snowy adventures. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is you can never have too many layers. Even in the summertime you can’t trust the weather in Colorado and should always bring an extra jacket just in case the weather changes. Winter layers are the same way. It is better to have too many layers on that way you can strip off as you go if it gets warmer. It is better to be over prepared than caught off guard when a snowstorm hits. On this blog post, I will be sharing the best pieces that will leave you comfortable and prepared for a snowy day. Keep reading for my 4 snow essentials, that are crucial for surviving a winter getaway to a snowy mountain town.


1. Winter Jacket

First things first, you will need a nice quality winter jacket. For brisk unforgiving winters or for a winter mountain adventure you will need a good puffer jacket, they are the most practical choice when snow is involved. If you are going to invest in a puffer coat the longer it is the better. This North Face coat is a great length and I have owned it for three winters now and it is still in perfect condition. This was the first puffer coat that covered my butt and it has made a world of difference. However when it is really cold, especially when I am visiting the mountains, and we are going out to dinner when its dark outside I would much rather have a puffer jacket that goes down to my ankles. I am still working up to that investment though because those suckers are pricey.

If you are looking for a practical puffer coat I have shared my favorites above. You can’t go wrong with The North Face and Patagonia jacket, and if you have one of those in Colorado you will fit right in. We may even mistake you for a local. I am some whimsical puffer coats too from Anthropologie. I always like looking at their jackets because they always have something different that is quality made. I have an old floral print puffer from Anthropologie that you can see here and it is so warm and soft. I don’t plan on ever giving it up!


2. Lots of Hats


When it’s freezing outside I am always wearing a hat. They are one of the most important winter items that can not be forgotten. If your packing for a winter getaway make sure you pack a couple of hats in different colors. When I head up to the mountains I like to take several in different colors and styles to match my outfit. A good hat can totally transform a look. Hats have always been one of my favorite accessories. I often gravitate towards berets. A classic wool Parisian beret is always a classic way to add a pop of color or matching element. I also really love a slouchy beret like the one I am wearing. I always look for hats that have unique details like a pom on top, some sequins or a bow. These elements always add more interest to the outfit. With winter looks it is often hard to show off a lot of pizzaz when you are bundled up that is why you need the right accessories that take a boring winter coat up a notch.


3. Snow Boots and Warm Socks


In the mountains, the snow falls so often that the sidewalks are never completely cleared. It is important to be prepared with waterproof footwear that is extra cozy on the inside. There is nothing worse than cold toes. Once your toes go cold it takes a while to warm up. My favorite snow boots I have ever owned has always been Sorel. They are built so durable and they are the warmest snow boots I have ever owned. I have had mine for three years now and they are still going strong. They are absolutly worth the splurge if you are headed to a snowy mountain town. Also, you must be equipted with warm socks too. This is key. I love smart wool hiking socks. They are extremely warm and they come in festive patterns. Also if you take a trip to REI they have a ton of great options for warm winter socks that are worth every penny.


4. Corduroy Pants


If you dont have a long puffer jacket and want to avoid wearing snow pants as much as possible I highly reccomend buying corduroy pants. In my experience, I think they are warmer than denim and they add great texture to an outfit. I recently bought these charcoal gray ones from J Crew and the fit was perfect. I will probably buy another color while they are having all of their holiday sales.

Now you are ready for a snowy mountain adventure or a brisk cold winter! I hope these tips help! I know so many of you are traveling to a winter wonderland this holiday season or you live in a very cold climate. Have a good time in all those wonderful snowglobe towns and I hope all your Christmas’s are white💙☃️❄️


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