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A Red Check Christmas Dress

December 15, 2018


This dress came to life from one of my dreams. This exact style was a picture I had in my head for the perfect Christmas dress. I scoured the internet looking for one and didn’t find anything close. These are the moments I wish I knew how to sew my own clothing. I have designs in my head that can never be found and it can be quite frustrating! When I scour the internet for hours on end and come up with nothing it is the biggest letdown. But when I saw this dress brought to life by one of my favorite dress companies I was bursting with excitement. Son de Flor just came out with the most beautiful festive capsule and now I have my dream red check Christmas dress.


I love wearing red check and plaid for the holidays. If I am going for something more casual a red plaid shirt, straight leg jeans and festive socks are my go-to. If you are looking for a red check top you must check out the long sleeve shirt version of my dress at Son de Flor. If you know me at all I more frequently am in the mood to dress up especially around the holidays. Any kind of holiday festivity is enough of an excuse to dress up whether that is shopping for presents, decorating the house, or baking cookies I will always be wearing my holiday best. I love how whimsical this red check dress is but then the feminine silhouette makes it a classic piece that stands out. I wore it out and about looking for Christmas decorations and it made me feel so excited for the season.


If you are a festive dresser like me you have to check out the rest of this holiday collection. There is an amazing emerald green one that I am very tempted to buy. And there is a red and black dress with a floral embroidered peter pan collar.  I have been obsessed with this brand ever since I bought a summer white dress that I wear all the time. You can find the outfit post here. These dresses are timeless. I always gravitate toward putting these beautiful dresses on when I am feeling girly and feminine. Although they are expensive dresses they are made out of strong linen material that is built to last a lifetime. Every detail of this dress is beautifully, thoughtfully, and ethically crafted. I highly encourage you to invest in one to add to your capsule wardrobe. You will not regret it.

Happy Holidays lovelies!!!

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