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Classic Winter White Basics

December 22, 2018
winter whites

Whenever there is snow on the ground I am inspired even more to throw on my winter whites. White has always been my favorite neutral color to wear. Without realizing it I have spent most of my life investing in white tops in every style possibly made. I like the way I look in white and I like that it goes with everything. But this shopping strategy leaves my color options pretty bare in the top department. And somehow I still find ways to continue to add to my white top collection, without thinking about branching out to a different color. I have been trying to be more conscious of what my closet is lacking and only buy things that I am in absolute need of but sometimes that is a new version of my go-to color. I wear it so often I might as well go for it, right?

Matching white on white doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, I think it is extra appealing on the eyes when cream or off-white is paired with a snowy winter white. This cream-colored cashmere sweater is one of my favorites of all time. I bought it last year from J Crew and I am so happy I splurged because it is a piece that I love to wear many different ways this time of year. Plus it keeps me extra cozy when the world around me has frosted. You can see how I wore the sweater recently two different ways with this skirt and over this dress. Adding a cream-colored cashmere sweater like this one is essential for everyone’s winter wardrobe. Check out my favorite styles on the market below.

White denim is a great way to change up your wardrobe. If your a blue jean baby, adding a white pair of jeans to your closet is a nice way to stay just as comfortable but go for a more polished and classic outfit for the winter time. I love my Everlane jeans. If you haven’t tried Everlane jeans or any of their clothes for that matter, what are you waiting for? I guarantee they have a few basic pieces that you need to buy for a more complete wardrobe. Their high rise skinny jeans always add just enough support and stay structured and fitted after all day wear. I love transitioning white jeans through every season too. You can count on seeing me wear these babies again for a spring inspired look. I just can’t believe it’s getting close to spring again?!! Like how did that happen? I am prematurely very excited for spring and Christmas isn’t even over yet? Yikes…Anyone else in the same boat???

Thanks for stopping by please let me know if you liked the quick style tips in the comments below! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Talk to you all again very soon!

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