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Vintage Trousers

December 28, 2018


My inspiration for my wardrobe comes from a lot of different sources. I often use outfits I see on Pinterest and Instagram as a bouncing off point. But if I go out I like to people watch to look for the best street styles. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come from a person. Sometimes it comes from a flower, a forrest, the mountains, a historic building, and all kinds of other ways. One little detail can really light me up creatively. I want to share what is inspiring me creatively more on the blog. Whether its an outfit, a person, a place, whatever it may be. There is always something new that makes me excited to share.

I have been inspired by a lot of vintage looks lately. Diving into all the amazing vintage fashion on Pinterest has become a daily habit of mine. Vintage fashion really speaks to me. Some people might run away if they were asked to look through their grandmothers closet. But I am really starting to enjoy the treasure hunt. I love finding vintage styles that are hard to find in a modern department store. I find it easier to find what I am looking for on Etsy and Poshmark. And find nice surprises at thrift shops and estate sales.

One vintage style that recently caught my eye was pleated trousers. The pleated front adds such a feminine and classic touch. This minor detail really caught my attention when I saw women in old photographs wearing these kinds of pants. I also notice Midge wearing this style on The Marvelous Miss Maisel. And Julia Engel from the blog Gal Meets Glam was also recently styling a pair of red pleated trousers that were incredibly chic. The high waist with the pleated detail looks so flattering and really amplifies an outfit. I think this style is going to be my new favorite way to wear pants.

I found these navy blue vintage trousers on Poshmark for a great price and I absolutely love them. There are so many other cute pleated trousers on Poshmark and Etsy too. I highly advise you check them out! These two shops have quickly become my favorite place to shop when I am looking for something unique. Which is pretty much all the time! I also found the blush button down blouse on Etsy from one of my favorite shops Adrian Company. Blush and navy have always been one of my favorite color combinations. It is always timeless, feminine and sophisticated.


Are you obsessing over this vintage style yet? If you are here are some pleated trousers that I found on Etsy that would be perfect additions to your everyday wardrobe. First there are these baby blue pinstripe trousers on sale for $30. They are so unique and if your thinking ahead like me they are perfect for transitioning to spring. If your looking to make a bold statement with red trousers like Julia check out these ones for only $35. If your looking for pants that are more neutral I love these tan ones and other black ones. These are just a few of my favorites with so many more vintage ones to discover on Etsy and Poshmark. If your looking for brand new ones check out my favorites below.


I am also going through a hair crisis phase where it is driving me absolutely crazy! I am desperately trying to change it up with new styles and care. It is really hard to find the perfect hair care routine for curly hair, especially when it is so dry in the winter time. Lately, I have been loving to wear silk scarves in my hair. It is a quick and easy way to throw it up. And there are so many ways you can style your hair with this one accessory. Tieing it in a bow with a loose bun was the perfect finishing touch for this clean and polished look.

Thanks for reading! What do you think about this vintage style? Are you inspired to give it try? Let me know in the comments below!!

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